Silver Publishing News

As a follow up to my previous post earlier this year, I have now received confirmation that all rights in respect of my titles with Silver Publishing will revert to me as of the 12th March 2014 (i.e. Wednesday).

The various books will be taken down from the online retailers in due course. Some have already been removed.  They are no longer at Silver Publishing or All Romance Ebooks for example.

As I have already indicated, it is not my intention to re-publish all of those stories. Some I will try to get out again, in particular the complete Heavenly Sins trilogy, of which the first draft of book 3 was finished last week.

Some of them however I have no plans for other than as “out of print” books listed here on my site.  In fact I may even remove those listings if I take the decision that I really don’t want to ever publish it again.

So if you want one of them now is the time to get them as they are in the process of being taken down as I type.

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