The End of Silver Publishing

As I am sure most people are now aware, Silver Publishing is no more.   The site is still there, but it is in the process of being shut down.  If you have purchased any books directly from the site I would recommend that you go there and download them to back them up as soon as possible.  The site will be disappearing altogether in due course.

Regarding my experience with Silver

I signed my first contract with the publisher in the summer of 2010.  I received the rights back on all my books in March 2014 and posted here on my blog at the time to let people know.  I still need to sort out what is happening to each of those books.  It is on my To Do list.

Yes, there were problems with Silver and I made the choice to ride out the storm to hope things turn around.  At the time I had believed the company problems stemmed from bad management rather than foul play.

This was my decision and I do not regret it.  Nor do I blame anyone else who chose to take a different route.  Every person is different and had to make their own choice in the light of what is best for them.

The End of the Line for Silver Publishing

I am not going to go into a long post about what happened.  AJ Llewellyn sums it all up pretty well here.  For those who think the post sounds like a far-fetched piece of fiction, you wouldn’t be far off. It sounds unbelievable, but I can vouch for the truth in quite a bit of it since, as some Silver authors already know, I am one of the authors who was looking into things with AJ.  AJ has kindly left my name out of the blog post at my request and went above and beyond to put everything together and find out the truth about what happened.  All Silver Publishing authors owe AJ a huge THANK YOU!


No, I don’t regret signing contracts with Silver Publishing.  They were my first publisher and I have learned a lot from everyone there.  With the obvious exception, all the staff have been wonderful both during my time with Silver and during the last few days while the truth has been revealed and they have been left to pick up the pieces.  My heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of them.

What I have Learned

I have learned to read my contracts carefully in the future.  Even when they come from a publisher I am already signed with.

I have learned that if something doesn’t sound right then to look into it.  As writers we are well accustomed with research, so let’s utilise our talents and find out everything we can about something that doesn’t seem right.

I will also never again sign up with a newly set up publisher.  I will be sticking to those who have been established for a while and who have proved their worth. This is not to say that all new publishers have the same agenda as Lodewyk Deysel did.  I am sure most of them are honest and will run their companies properly.  I just cannot see myself, certainly not at the present time, going down that particular route.

I will also be trying not to put my eggs into one basket.  Yes, at the moment most of my books are with Totally Bound and I am not actively looking for another publisher right now.  I am just not ready to take a chance on a new publisher just yet.  In time though I hope to be doing so.

The final things I have learned is that there are a lot of people eager to gloat over the misfortune of those who are caught up in this mess (‘I told you so’ is a phrase I am seeing a lot of this last 24 hours). There are also plenty of people making various accusations towards those of us who chose to ride things out.   To those people I have just one thing to say – KARMA – I have done nothing I regret. I hope you can say the same.

What Now?

With this post I am now drawing a line under my experience with Silver Publishing.  It is over and done with and I intend to move on from here and concentrate on my writing.

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