Making Plans

Today is my final day at the Evil Day Job before I am on annual leave for a week.  Yay!  What I should probably spend my time doing is job hunting, but I do want to at least try to be productive in my writing too.  So here are my plans for the next week.

1. Read through Touch of a Ghost and see about getting it sent to Breathless Press for their open call.  I am nearly 100% sure that is where that one is going.  Fingers crossed they want it.

2. Read through the Heavenly Sins series.  Finish doing the re-writing on books one and two and do the pre-submission edits on book three.  Realistically this will probably take me all week alone.  I really want to try to get these in to Totally Bound before the end of the month.  Again crossed fingers are needed!

3. Get started on some blog posts for here.  I have an idea for a Brit focus series of posts and I would like to get those outlined for posting later in the year.  These will be posts about differences between the UK and the US.  Any requests for particular topics will be considered.  I have a few lined up (schools, legal system, roads and transport – that sort of thing).

4. Maybe also start some posts for my summer release Forbidden Waters.

5. Participate in at least one Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction.

6. Outline the third story in my Fairy Tales series.

7. Continue outlining book three in the Mermen & Magic series.

8. Try to make a few decisions about what is happening with the rest of my stories!  I can almost guarantee that I will still be mulling over most of them in six months time.

That should keep me busy for a while… yes?


2 responses to “Making Plans

  1. I could think of some things regarding differences between UK and US… Roads: hardly any roundabouts (rotaries), just traffic lights which you seem to be allowed to drive through on red if turning right, thus negating the green light for traffic going straight on (why have a green light if it might not be safe to drive straight through it?). Also cops routinely ignore traffic lights and put their siren on just so they can drive through them without waiting, then turn it off again.: I don’t know about other states but in Massachusetts if you brake suddenly in a vehicle and another hits you from behind because they were driving too close, apparently that’s your fault. Which is ridiculous.
    Schools: they don’t appear to teach history outside of America in school. Just American history. Also kids that are academically shit but good at sports get given good grades regardless of how poor their work is. There is no streaming of abilities and the thick kids get taught the same stuff as the bright ones.
    Transport: Again I can only speak for Massachusetts, but buses don’t stop at marked stops, just at designated points on the road which you have to already know where they are. If you want to catch a bus and you are somewhere unfamiliar, forget it – you won’t be able to know where to wait for it unless you’re near one of the stops that happens to have a shelter. People use their cars to drive ridiculously short distances that Brits would not consider driving (like to the next door neighbour 100 yards away.)
    Legal system: the cops are much, much more corrupt than in the UK.

  2. Thanks. I actually have quite a lot of information on those subjects I mentioned. I was just wondering whether anyone had any other topics they would like to see the Brit perspective on

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