Update on Plans

My nine days of freedom from the Evil Day Job are nearly at an end.  *sobs*

So, as a follow up to my post about my plans for my annual leave, here is what I managed to get done (and not done) in the last nine days.

1. Touch of a Ghost has been sent to Breathless Press for their open call. I am not sure if they will want it since it is a re-release, I am not already published with them, and they only want 16 stories for their themed month.  The open call closes at the end of July so I will no doubt have a long wait on that one.

2. The Heavenly Sins series has been sorted out and sent to Totally Bound. Book 1 has had a couple of scenes deleted.  Book 2 has had a few scenes extended and Alastor the Elder’s name has been changed to Aka Manah (Evil Mind).  The third book has been tweaked to all hell the last few months and I spent half this last week altering, editing and generally messing with that one. Assuming these are accepted and published without any major alterations on the advice of my editor there should not be any need for those who have read the first two books to purchase them again as there haven’t been massive changes and I think an author’s note at the start of book three about the name change should help avoid confusion in readers with regard to the name change.

3. The Brit series blog posts – not even started I’m afraid.

4. I did manage to put together six short blog posts for my Forbidden Waters book release this summer.  I want to get more done, but this is a pretty good start for me.

5. I did participate in the Wednesday Briefs flash fiction last week with part 2 of The Midnight Swimmer, a MMM story.

6. I have just finished outlining the third story in my Fairy Tales series.  Tentatively entitled Destiny & Dragons it is a dragon shifter story and features Lord Marcus from Let Down Your Hair.

Let Down Your Hair may be getting a new title to match the other two in the series.  Book two is Potions & Prisons (again just a tentative titled at the moment) and Let Down Your Hair  may be changed to Curses & Corsets.  Apparently most publishers like series titles to be similar.  Unfortunately I didn’t intend this one to have any sequels when I wrote it so didn’t take that into account when picking a title.

7. Not had chance/time to carry on plotting the third book in the Mermen & Magic series.  It is on the to do list.

8. Also not made any decisions with regard to most of my other orphaned books yet. The only ones I have done anything with are Hey, Baby and One Perfect Wish, both of which have been sent to Totally Bound.

Yeah, that’s five books sent to Totally Bound in the last nine days.  Not sure if Hey, Baby is erotic enough for them, but I am hoping they will at least want the rest of them, even if they don’t want that one.

The rest are still on hold about what I’ll do with them.  Certainly Let Down Your Hair won’t be going anywhere until the third book is completed as well.  I can’t do two series on a deadline at once and the Mermen & Magic series is my priority at the moment.  Hopefully I can get Destiny & Dragons, a novella, completed some time during the next few months.

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