Social Media Failure

Like the title of this blog post says, I fail completely when it comes to social media.  Here are my thoughts on the ones I have tried in the last few years.


This is definitely the one that I use the most.  I am on it most days but am far too easily distracted by games and pretties.  Rather than promoting my books you are far more likely to see me going ooooh over hunky men or bewailing the fact that I am stuck on level xx on Farm Heroes Saga or whatever game I am hooked on at the moment.

I do have a Facebook page for promotional and book related posts, but I have found they are rarely seen by anyone.  Like many others the posts on my page disappear into the black hole of cyberspace never to be seen again.  Posts shared from other sources get seen a bit, but not my own promo ones.

Yesterday I jumped on the Facebook groups bandwagon and set up a little group as an alternative to the page.  There are only a few members in the group and I hope they are all there because they are actually interested in my books.  I would much rather have a small group of genuinely interested readers than a large group of people who don’t even know I write.   I’ll be posting snippets in the group, inspirational pictures and general promo stuff.

Whether the group works any better than the page remains to be seen.

Personal Facebook
Facebook Page
Facebook Group – L.M. Brown’s Treasure Trove *NEW*


Twitter is one I just don’t get.  I have been signed up there for ages and I still have no clue what I am doing.  I get HUNDREDS of tweets on my feed every hour and I cannot keep up at all.  I have tried to utilise lists but this doesn’t seem to make much difference.

I am reluctant to shut the account down since it is tied to Triberr that I use to share blog posts to Twitter, but I really don’t understand the site at all.

I get mentioned a lot but I seem to be in just a list of names/accounts and I have no idea if this is supposed to mean something to me, if I am supposed to do something about it or what.

I follow a lot of my favourite authors and yet I never see their Tweets on my feed due to the sheer volume that comes through.  I strongly suspect my own Tweets are lost in a similar avalanche of information.

My Twitter Page

Yahoo Groups

Last September I launched my newsletter/mailing list, so I could notify people who don’t follow blogs, use Facebook, Twitter etc about when new releases come out.  To say the newsletter is my worst failure is putting it mildly.  There are currently 3 people signed up, one of which is me and one of which is a friend who was testing it for me.

I admit I never expected it to have a lot of interest, but I am now shutting down the mailing list entirely.  I think nearly a year with only one subscriber is a confirmed failure.

Google +

Here is another that I have still not got my head round.  My blog posts filter down there, but again I have no idea what it is all about.  I have no idea if anyone sees my blog posts there or whether they are equally invisible as the rest of my social media endeavours.

The fact it has taken me nearly 10 minutes just to find my profile link there says it all.

My profile


So there you have it.  I simply suck at all forms of social media.   As someone who has always been more of a lurker online I find it hard to engage and chat on a constant basis.  I don’t feel that most of what I have to say would be particularly interesting to people.  I don’t have lots of amusing anecdotes to share and my cats run whenever they see me with the camera.

If there is a knack or a trick to social media and marketing I have yet to find it.  Considering my success, or lack thereof, so far, I doubt I ever will.

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