The Angels & Demons are Returning

For those who are waiting for the Heavenly Sins series to return, I have some good news today.

Although the contracts are still pending, I have release dates for the re-release of the first two books.

Between Heaven & Hell

Pre-order – 19 September 2014
Early Download – 3 October 2014
General release – 31 October 2014

Between Good & Evil

Pre-0rder – 17 October 2014
Early Download – 31 October 2014
General release – 28 November 2014

I don’t have release dates for Between Life & Death, the third and final book in the trilogy as yet.  I imagine they will be some time in 2015 since that one hasn’t been previously available and editing will be taking much longer than for these first two books which are re-releases.

With Touch of a Ghost being re-released from Breathless Press in October and One Perfect Wish being released for the first time in December, it is going to be a busy end of the year for book releases and re-releases for me.

And, in case you missed it, the first release of all is this coming Friday.  Forbidden Waters will be available for early download from Totally Bound on 1st August.  Get ready to meet my mermen soon!

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