Sunday Snog – Tempestuous Tides

It has been a while since I posted a Sunday Snog, but I am trying to keep my blog updated and so signed up again this week.  Will try to do this at least once a month, time allowing.

With Forbidden Waters releasing this weekend it was only natural that I would want to pick a snog from that story, but I didn’t.  Instead I have dipped into book 2 of the Mermen & Magic series and you therefore get an early look at Lucas and Justin, the heroes of that story.  This is obviously unedited.

Lucas lost the ability to speak in the face of Justin’s smile. The borrowed jeans he was wearing had never felt as tight as they did right now. He tried to gather his thoughts, but the only thing going through his mind was that Justin was the most attractive merman he had ever seen and he wanted him. He pushed his desire aside, blaming Medina’s spell and ignoring what the others had told him – the spell wouldn’t work at all if there was no attraction to build on.

Justin looked at him with an amused smile on his face. Lucas suddenly realised he was waiting for an answer.

Another guest brushed past him on the way the way to the next room and he stumbled slightly. Justin reached out to steady him and the moment his hand touched Lucas’s arm he lost what little was left of his control.

“Come home with me,” he whispered right before he threw his arms around Justin’s neck and kissed him hard on the lips.

Justin didn’t seem to be kissing him back, but when Lucas rubbed up against him he could feel his hardness pressing back against his own. He pulled out of the kiss and tried to set Lucas back a little.

“Sorry, but as you can see, I’m working at the moment. This really isn’t the best time to do this. Maybe you’d like to come back later, after I’ve finished my shift.”

Lucas reached down between them and squeezed Justin’s erection through the coarse fabric. “Want you now,” he said. “Need you in me.”

Justin moaned as he moved Lucas’s hand away. “Tempting as you are, I kind of like my job. I don’t really want to get fired.”

Lucas ignored him as he lowered the zip of Justin’s jeans and slid his hand inside. “Come to Atlantis with me,” he whispered.

“What did you say?” Justin pushed Lucas away, more forcibly this time and his voice had changed from amused and flirtatious to outright suspicious.

Lucas threw himself at Justin once again. “I’ve come such a long way to find you. Come back to Atlantis with me. Let me show you the wonders of the ocean.”

There will no doubt be lots more snippets to come between now and when Lucas and Justin’s story is released.  And maybe, if you ask nicely, next time I post a Sunday Snog with them, Justin might participate too.  😉

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