Mermen & Magic Blog

I have taken the decision to get rid of the Mermen & Magic blog.  I mainly used it for chronicling my attempts at NaNoWriMo, where for the last two attempts I have been working on my mermen stories.  The rest of the year the site remains mostly deserted.

This coming November I am not going to be doing a merman story.  I have plenty of those to write, but with so many new releases and re-releases over the next few months I don’t feel I will have capacity to write the 80k novel at that time.  I may write the third of my fairy tale stories which is just a novella of about 20k during November, but that is about all I can commit to this year.  I will, all being well, get cracking on the third merman book during Camp NaNo in April 2015.

I am also hoping to continue to update this blog on a far more regular basis and will be using this blog to chart my NaNo progress, though it is more likely to be on a weekly (or possibly bi-weekly) basis rather than the daily basis I have tried to work on in the past.

I have therefore deleted the Mermen & Magic blog this evening and have (I hope) removed all the links to it from this blog.  If you find any I have missed on the pages/sidebar then please let me know.  I am aware that there may be a link or two in the historic blog posts but will not be removing those since it is rather like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

So, don’t worry – my mermen are not going anywhere.  They are here to stay and there are plenty more to come.

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