Forbidden Waters – New Review

Every time a new book is released the one thing I dread more than anything is bad reviews, whether industry reviews or reader reviews.  Last Friday I got an industry one that wasn’t exactly stellar. It certainly didn’t recommend my story to anyone.

I decided that for my own peace of mind it would probably be better to avoid going to any review sites at all. That lasted all of a handful of days.

This morning I found I had been “tagged” on Twitter for a new review of Forbidden Waters.  My first reaction was avoid.  But I am naturally the sort of person who at least has to say thank you so I did so on Twitter without actually going to the review link.  Yes, I am a total coward. I admit it.

The conversation that stemmed from Twitter did however make it clear that the reviewer had liked the story very much.  So I bit the bullet and went to take a look, safe in the knowledge that even if there was a bit of criticism in the review at least the story had been enjoyed overall.

Thanks so much to Trish at Rainbow Book Reviews for the lovely review.

I found myself hooked on this tale from the very first page, and pulled an all-nighter because I just couldn’t put it down! If you want a story full of mystery, passion, sacrifice, mermen, and watching myths and legends come to life, then you definitely want to add this book to your e-reader!

You can read the full review here.

And if you want to make a visit to the not so good review you can find it on the Joyfully Jay blog/site.  Sorry, not going to link to it here because I really can’t bear to go back there to get the link.

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