Sunday Snog

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Sunday Snog for Sommer last week by visiting my blog, joining the giveaway, and helping to raise awareness and donating to the cause.

Just a regular Sunday Snog this week.  This one is from Between Heaven & Hell the first book in the Heavenly Sins series, which became available for pre-order this last week.

Decided to hot things up a little this week since no one said lips had to be pressed to each others and in this scene Tristan’s lips are definitely caressing another part of Alastor’s body.  😉

Alastor sat still as Tristan took over the task of removing his shirt before turning to his belt and trousers. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. There was meant to be passion and fireworks and heat. It wasn’t supposed to be gentle and loving. Love wasn’t for his kind. If Tristan wanted love he should look to their angel. Tenderness wasn’t for demons like him.

Yet he couldn’t bring himself to quicken Tristan’s pace. He let the mortal kneel between his legs and slowly lick the head of his exposed cock. His hands clenched into fists, the silk sheets bunching between his fingers as his breath quickened.

Normally, when someone gave him head, he felt an overwhelming desire to thrust into the willing mouth with wild abandon. Instead, he now found himself sitting almost motionless and letting Tristan set the leisurely pace as he slowly paid homage to his pulsating erection.

Alastor took one of Tristan’s wandering hands in his own and held him as tightly as he had previously held the sheets. “Don’t stop,” he hissed as Tristan took the cockhead into his mouth and began to suck in earnest. “Please, don’t stop.”

Quivering and shuddering, Alastor came relatively quietly, with Tristan’s lips caressing his throbbing dick through every single second of his orgasm.

When he returned to his senses Alastor realised he was lying back on the bed with Tristan draped across his chest. “Oh shit!” he swore.

“What?” Tristan asked.

“Nothing, baby,” Alastor replied as he tightened his arms around Tristan’s shoulders. “Nothing at all.”

Tristan didn’t say anything further, merely snuggled closer. Alastor tried not to think about how nice it felt to hold his lover in his arms. He had never bothered to stay for more than a couple of nights with a mortal lover. Their lives were so fleeting he didn’t see the point of getting close to one of them, only to lose them in a few short years. So why did he now find himself imagining staying with Tristan forever? Especially when, for him, forever was a very long time indeed.

Available for pre-order from Totally Bound

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