LM’s Guide to British…Weather

I couldn’t do a series of British posts without focusing on our wonderful British weather at least once.  So here it is.

The British Weather

The weather here is varied, which of course comes from us being on an island.  It can change from one day to the next.

We Brits love complaining about the weather.  If it was an Olympic sport we would win gold every time.

Our seasons are typical for countries in the northern hemisphere.

Winter  – December, January, February
Spring – March, April, May
Summer – June, July, August
Autumn – September, October, November

Unfortunately, the traditional white Christmas is a rarity, at least in my part of England. I recall snow on Christmas Day only twice in my life.  Though certainly I see it far more frequently in works of fiction.

The snow, when it does finally arrive, is very good at bringing the public transport system to a grinding halt!

Rain is almost certainly likely to fall if it’s a bank holiday weekend.  The bank holidays in England are:-

New Years Day
Christmas Day and Boxing Day
Good Friday and Easter Monday
May Day (first Monday in May)
Spring Bank (late May (usually)
August (last Monday in August)

Yes, we are very poorly done by when it comes to bank holidays here in England and Wales.

Scotland do slightly better with two extra days (St Andrew’s Day (30 November) and 2nd January which I believe is connected to Hogmanay).

Northern Ireland also get some extras.  St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March and the Battle of the Boyne / Orangemen’s Day on 12th July.

Why England and Wales don’t have a Bank Holiday for St George’s Day and St David’s Day is a gripe many of us have.  You’ll note holidays like 4th July and Thanksgiving are not there either.  😦

Anyway, back to the weather.  On sunny days, when the heatwaves finally arrive, it is possible for most people (personal finances allowing) in the UK to head to the coast for the day to enjoy the sand and the sea.  This little island means that the seaside is only a few hours drive away for most people.

It’s a good idea to get there and enjoy it while you can, because it may be the next day sees storms instead.  The weather is nothing if not changeable.

In a month in the UK you might see everything from snow and hail, thunderstorms and floods, right up to sunbathing weather.  It is a country of extremes.  Which is why you find so many Brits carry an umbrella.

Typically, the southern counties get better weather than the north and Scotland.  It can very occasionally be the other way round, but for the most part London gets the best of the sunshine and a few extra degrees (in centigrade) than the rest in temperature.

We don’t get many twisters or anything like that, but they have been known to happen in recent years.  They are very rare though.

What this means for writers is that you can pretty much use most types of weather for stories set in the UK, providing you have the right weather at the right time of year of course. 😉

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