POLL: Deliberating on book length

As the end of the year approaches I always start to wonder about what projects to tackle in the coming year.  I am always torn between lots of different stories and often end up tossing a coin for which one to start first.

I have recently been following some discussions about ebook lengths and pricing.  Since I am not self published pricing is largely out of my control, but it has been interesting to see opinions, especially when viewed in light of my own books and sales.

At the beginning of August I had a new book out – it was novel length and the start of a new series.  At the end of August I had one of my shorter stories re-release from another publisher.

Since the second one was rather last minute I had very little time to do anything for promotional purposes like set up a blog tour.  I had done that for the first longer story throughout August, planning a lot and well in advance.

Despite it being a re-release with little promo work done the short story has outsold the longer new story by far.

So, I am wondering whether it might be that people are put off by my longer stories.

With this in mind, I have set up a poll, my first on this blog, so this is also a test to see if I have done it right.

Now, this is not about ebook lengths in general.  This is about MY stories and the length of story readers want to see from me.

Regardless of the results I will still be writing some long stories (the Mermen & Magic series will all be of a similar length), but right now I am leaning more towards the idea of writing more shorter stories (probably around 20k) in the hope that maybe some of those readers who are put off by any price more than £1.99 might give this author a chance.

Please cast your vote on what length of story you would prefer to see me writing.

2 responses to “POLL: Deliberating on book length

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  2. I like a novel, but not too long, 65/- words is around my perfect tenth

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