LM’s Guide to British…Days Out

Despite the reputation of Britain to have very bad weather most of the day, there are still plenty of opportunities to go out and enjoy the sun.  Though like I said, having an umbrella (or brolly as we often call it) with you is usually a good idea.

Here are a few of the English days out destinations that are quite popular.


This seaside town is located on the west coast of England and is famous for its Tower.  The Tower isn’t just a long climb though, inside is the circus, a ballroom and various exhibits.  The last time I went there was a dinosaur exhibit as well as several history of the Tower ones.  There is also a children’s play area and restaurant. You can spend the day in there if you like – which is quite handy when the weather turns foul and its raining all day. I really want to go back and visit the Dungeon there too, but have not had the chance.

There is also, if you get to the top, the Walk of Faith, or Walk of Terror depending on your point of view.

This has recently undergone a revamp that makes me want to go back again.

And the view from the top of the Tower is pretty good too.

Blackpool also has a huge pleasure beach (fun fair) and the SeaLife Centre is well worth a visit.  In fact the SeaLife Centres of the UK (I have been to several of them over the years) play a role in my second merman book – I just like them that much!


Over on the other side of the coast there is Skegness, also known as Skeg Vegas.  This is a name the locals and tourists have given it over the years and it has stuck so much you can even buy souvenirs with it on.

Skeggy, as it is also affectionately known has a pier too, which is really just a huge arcade.  There’s also a fun fair very close by.

Skegness also has a seal sanctuary as well as boat rides along the seafront and horse and carriage rides down the promenade.  Or at least they used to.  I am actually struggling to recall seeing the carriages on my most recent visit and it could be they have gone out of business like so many others.

One thing that never goes out of business and I always feel is very British for the seaside visits is donkey rides on the beach for the children.

There are plenty of other coastal towns around the country and I imagine they are all pretty similar to each other when it comes to what is on offer there. At least that has been the case with the ones I have been to. Some will have more stuff at others, some are aimed more at the older generation rather than the fun-loving youngsters.

Comments telling about your own seaside town are welcome.

Alton Towers

If the idea of sand doesn’t take your fancy then there are also a host of amusement parks around the country. The most famous of them is probably Alton Towers.

What used to be a stately home has transformed over the years to a resort these days.  I admit I haven’t been there for years.  The last time I went was the year Nemesis opened.  The park is so expensive I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s cheaper to go to EuroDisney in Paris than to pay for the tickets to Alton Towers.

Each year they also hold a massive fireworks display on Bonfire Night.  Don’t know what that is?  Check back in November for my post on that!

Expensive though it is, it is very popular and there is way more to see there than you can do in just a day.

So there you have a few of the popular days out, or holiday destinations if you want to stay longer, in England.  There are more – lots more – but I haven’t visited them all and no matter how long I made this post, I am sure it would never been complete.

What I won’t be doing a post about is holidays abroad for Brits, since I am focusing on this country.  But I will say that Spain, Greece, Italy and other European destinations are very popular with Brits who want to escape abroad for their holidays.  Oh and yes, we call them holidays rather than vacations. In case you hadn’t guessed.  😉

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