Guest Blogger – An Interview with Carson Davis from Fall Break Fright

An Interview with Carson Davis from Fall Break Fright

Me: Carson let’s start with you, give readers some insight into what’s going on in that head of yours. Describe yourself in three words.

Carson: Thinking questions already! *chuckles* I would have to say friendly, loyal, and definitely charming.

Me: How old are you?

Carson: 21…yay! I can legally drink now.

Me: Like that stopped you before *wink* Where are you from, and where is college?

Carson: I grew up in Vermont. I loved spending time outdoors—well, enjoying the scenery and fresh air, not the bugs. Now, I go to college in Colorado. I have to say, too, that while I enjoy the Green Mountains, the Rockies are incredible! I am so ready for snow—you know, sitting in front of the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate as the snowflakes float to the ground.

Me: *groans* Please don’t mention snow or winter; I’m not ready yet. Is your family still in Vermont?

Carson: *grimaces* Yeah, let’s not talk about family, okay? Well, unless we talk about Tyler’s family. His parents are pretty cool, and they have this big, ole orange cat. That cat’s a trip!

Me: I’m glad to see that smile back. You mentioned a cat. Do you have a pet/ any pets?

Carson: Nah, not yet. It would be too hard with school. Someday, I want a dog. I’m thinking a golden doodle. They’re non-shedding, right? I need a dog that won’t irritate my stupid allergies.

Me: I feel your pain. I have allergies, too. Let’s see…*scans a list of questions*…What hobbies do you have, Carson?

Carson: Um…reading, ballroom dancing, hiking, traveling

Me: Okay, so what are you reading now? Who’s your favorite author?

Carson: I’m hooked on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series so I’ve just started Born of Fury. As far as a favorite author, that’s tough. I read a lot. I still can’t stand Tyler’s zombie novels, but I do read a lot of romance. The story has to have a happy ending, or it’s deleted off my e-reader.

Me: Can’t pick a favorite author. Maybe a favorite ballroom dance?

Carson: That’s an easy one: the tango. Tyler even wants me to teach him. *fans himself*

Me: This is the second time you’ve mentioned Tyler. What can you tell us about him? Is he your boyfriend?

Carson: After all we’ve been through, we’re definitely boyfriends. We started off as roommates and hit it off romantically. He’s so caring and considerate. And he’s great at snuggling!

Me: Aww…that’s so sweet. Does he steal the covers?

Carson: Actually, *blushes adorably* he runs warm—he feels like a heater in bed so he normally kicks off the covers. I’m always cold so it works perfectly.

Me: Any other ways Tyler completes you?

Carson: I feel like he’s my other half. I’m scared to death of spiders. Tyler has no problem killing them. *laughs* We are both afraid of clowns so we won’t be going to the circus anytime soon! I don’t like needles, and Tyler could care less. Oh, one last thing—I’m terrified of ghosts. Tyler’s ready to go exploring with a paranormal group. He so wants to see a ghost and capture it on his new digital camera.

Me: New camera, huh?

Carson: It was my birthday present to him. He’s always been more athletic-minded, but he has a great eye for photography. Lately, he’s been doing more reading on it. You should see some of his pictures. They are fabulous!

Me: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, Carson. I’ve got one last question, and then I’ll let you go.

Carson: *nods* No problem. This was actually kind of fun!

Me: Maybe you won’t say that after this question…if you could make love to Tyler anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Carson: Give me a minute to think on this. I like to travel, but I need to think about where I would want to take Tyler…while a secluded beach house on a tropical island makes my list, it doesn’t top it. I would say a chalet in the Canadian Rockies with a beautiful view, maybe overlooking a lake. It would have to be in the fall when the leaves were at peak color. We would start with naked hot-tubbing on the deck then move inside to a sumptuous bed that is positioned under a large skylight so we could drift off to sleep watching the stars.

Me: *shakes head* I don’t know what to say…that is just perfect! I hope you get to make it happen!

Title: Fall Break Fright

Author: Avery Dawes

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Genre: M-M Romance with Zombies

Story Length: Short Story, approx. 12K words




Carson Davis can’t go home…

His aunt is his only relative in the world, and she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him there during his fall break. Looks like he’s stuck at college, alone and heart-broken. But Carson hasn’t figured on his new roommate, Tyler Owen, who’s extremely hot and unfortunately straight.

Or is he?

Tyler unexpectedly invites Carson to go with him to his family’s home in Kansas. Not only that, but Carson’s gaydar must be off, ‘cause Tyler is not only gay, he’s into Carson! However, things go horribly wrong once they reach Kansas. Not with them, but with the unexpected appearance of…


The world seems to have gone mad, and now it’s Carson and Tyler against the walking dead. They have to survive these creatures so they can enjoy their happily ever after.

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About the Author

The secret is out: Avery Dawes is Denise Wyant’s naughty alter-ego. Avery enjoys writing about the passion that exists between two hunky and sometimes geeky men while Denise favors the alpha male who sweeps an intelligent and sassy woman off her feet. Both believe in their characters finding love and happiness, no matter the trials they have to endure to achieve it.

When Denise & Avery aren’t relaxing just south of the Mason-Dixon Line, with a cup of coffee, or staying fit—running, lifting, or cycling—they make time to write and blog. You can find them at





Crouching, Tyler peeked around the corner of the building. His movements were slow and smooth as not to attract attention. Carson also knelt and brought the shovel up in front of him in a defensive position. He tried to take shallow breaths, not wanting the least little sound to draw attention to their hiding place.

Tyler’s hand reached back and gave Carson’s knee a reassuring squeeze. They froze as two bloodied and battered zombies lumbered down the street, passing them by. The groans and foul odor that emanated from the pair caused Carson to tremble. He swallowed down the bile rising in his throat, noting that their stench would remain with him for way too long. Tyler gave Carson’s knee another, longer squeeze.

After what was probably a couple of minutes, they were once again on the move. At another rundown building, Tyler paused and grabbed Carson’s hand. He brought it to his lips where he pressed a kiss to Carson’s bloodied knuckles. “The old feed mill is the last substantial building before we hit flat, open farmland. The first farm is the Haynes’s; my family’s is the second. The house is your typical white two story farmhouse and sits about a half-mile off the road. The barn is a massive, modern structure that is slightly behind and to the right of the house.”

Carson nodded, taking in Tyler’s description. He grew up in a cabin in the Green Mountains. The fields that seemed to go on and on were foreign to him; he missed the scent of pine and the sounds of cascading streams. As a kid, Carson spent as much time as possible exploring the woods around his house. Being outside meant avoiding his aunt, which was his main goal when he wasn’t in school. But now he needed to get his mind back to the present. “So what’s our plan if there’s nothing to hide behind?”

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