Twitter Blitz – PLEASE READ

Today I have blitzed my Twitter account.  I have unfollowed nearly 600 accounts.

The reason is I am tired of shouting into the black hole when it comes to posting on Twitter.  I want to be able to interact with people over on Twitter the same way I do on Facebook, instead of simply using it for promotional purposes.   That is impossible to do when my feed is full of adverts from people I have never heard of.

So, I have blitzed it.  I am still following nearly 300 accounts.  These accounts fall into the following categories:-

>  Authors whose books I read.
>  Publishers/Review sites/stores I actually use.
>  Official accounts (news sites/TV shows/actors etc) I like to keep up with.
>  People who have interacted with me on Twitter or I know from elsewhere.

Now the important bit

Since this was a blitz it is not impossible that I have accidentally unfollowed someone by mistake.  Someone who has a different name on Twitter to Facebook or simply someone I have accidentally unfollowed with a mis-click.

If you think that might be the case, please comment on this post with your Twitter handle so I can go fix it. I shouldn’t have unfollowed anyone in the Wednesday Briefs group for example. If I have for goodness sake tell me.  Or if you are in the group and I have never followed you, likewise let me know as I probably didn’t even realise.

Going forward I will no longer be following back everyone who follows me.

If you want me to follow you back you will have to interact with me, get to know me, even if it is to reply to the occasional tweet about a TV show I am watching to say you have never seen it.  If you continue to interact with me and get to know me sooner or later I will follow you back.

If things go as I hope my feed will have a lot more chatter on it.  Though there will still be the posts from my blog, things shared via Triberr, and I’m sorry, yes, there will still be links to my books, but these will be limited (as they have been for the most part anyway) to one tweet/link a day about each book, save for on new release days.

I am quite sure that my followers will drop from the current figure of 721 rather quickly over the next few days.  I do not see that as a great loss.  If someone was only following me so that I would follow them back, chances are they had no interest in getting to know me at all.

And there you have it.  My Twitter account has been blitzed.  Just don’t forget to post here if you think you might have been a casualty of the same.

3 responses to “Twitter Blitz – PLEASE READ

  1. Way to go, L.M.! Nothing wrong with wanting to actually interact with folks.

    • I just realised it is impossible to do on Twitter with so much advertising on my feed. I couldn’t even see posts from anyone I recognised.

      Already had about half a dozen unfollows but I have no doubts they are all from people who never actually read my tweets anyway and simply saw I had unfollowed via an app and did the same. No loss!

      Oh and needless to say you are still being followed. I may even see more of your tweets now.

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