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As most people reading this will know, I am now firmly determined not to have all my eggs in one basket when it comes to publishers.  I will not be making that mistake again.

How it stands currently is that I have books with four different publishers.

The bulk of my stories are with Totally Bound.  I also have one story at each of the following – Breathless Press, Fireborn Publishing and House of Erotica.

I also have a couple of other publishers on my radar to try to “get in the door” with.

But for the most part I am going to be concentrating in 2015 on working with Totally Bound, Breathless Press and Fireborn – well, providing they want what I send them!

But how do I decide what to send where?

At the moment I am considering sending all the “hottest” stories to Totally Bound and splitting the rest between the other two with the paranormal/fantasy at Breathless Press and the Contemporary at Fireborn Publishing.

The only problem I am seeing with that is that I don’t write that much by way of contemporaries.

So I was wondering what would be best. Do I mix up genres at different publishers or do readers expect some sort of organisation when it comes to what is published where?

At the end of the day I may end up being forced in one direction or another simply through rejections by one or more publisher.  But I am curious to know whether to mixing it up right away would be annoying to readers or whether it doesn’t really matter what is where.

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