Is there something in the water?

Touch of a Ghost cover

I have a love hate relationship with reviews.  This evening I came home from the day job to find I had been tagged on Facebook in a post which I mistakenly thought was a blog tour date I had forgotten about.  Like a numpty I didn’t bother reading the name of the link, which would have told me it was a review.

The review was a 3 star one and fairly written although the reviewer didn’t seem to like much about the book.  I then got tagged in another post for the same review and spent several minutes deliberating on what to do about it.  The review doesn’t exactly recommend my story to readers and I was still umming and ahing about whether to say anything about it on my blog (hey, even though it is only a 3 it is my only review for the release and beggers can’t be choosers) when I spotted this link.

My first thought was that it was another post about the Hale story from the weekend.  The author who had turned into a stalker on a reviewer.  I blogged about it at the weekend and thought this might be something that would change my stance about it.  Nope – it’s another author gone completely off their head.

You know what, it puts things into perspective.  My new 3 star review might not bring in any readers to my story, but at least I haven’t killed my career with stunts like this author and Hale.

For those who do want to see it, here is the link to the one and only review for Touch of a Ghost since the re-release.

And no, for the record, I will never be tracking down any of the reviewers of my stories, even those who post really bad one star reviews, to harass or injure them.  How any author can even think of doing that astounds me.

And, just because it is relevant, over at the Breathless Press blog today, Dominic is talking about how to handle the bad reviews.

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