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A flying visit today since I am up to my eyeballs in edits for Between Life & Death, the final book in the Heavenly Sins series.

This coming Friday Between Heaven & Hell will be out on general release and Between Good & Evil will be available for early download.

For a change, I actually have reviews to share for these before they are officially out. Normally my books get reviewed six months or more after they have been released.  But not this time.

Between Heaven & Hell has been reviewed by Pixie over at MM Good Book Reviews, who has given it 4.5 hearts.

“This is one hell of a story that has twists that you never see coming.”

Full review here.

Book two, Between Good & Evil has got it’s first review from Caroline over at Prism Book Alliance who gave it 5 out of 5.

” I adore these guys and cannot wait for the next installment.”

Full review here.

Pixie, some time ago, also reviewed book two when it was first released.  She made this comment back then.

“God damn you, L.M. Brown. You should be devising torture in Hell.” those were my first thoughts when I finished this book, and they were also my second and third thoughts as well…. My fourth thought was ‘where does she live?’, because I want that third book now!

Thankfully for Pixie and Caroline (who calls the end of book two, “the mother of all cliffhangers”) book three is coming soon.  I hope they enjoy it as much as they enjoyed book two.

It isn’t up on the Totally Bound site yet, but it shouldn’t be many more weeks before people can add it to their wish list.  Speaking of which One Perfect Wish is now there for adding to wish lists.  Link here.

Gay romance One Perfect Wish cover

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