2 More 5 Star Reviews

Gay romance cover artFirst up is my second review from The Jeep Diva site and it is another 5 star review.  I was given the heads up about this one by my publisher last week, but it was only on Goodreads then, and I won’t go there even to see the good reviews.  Was quite surprised to see this is a different reviewer to the one who read Forbidden Waters. Normally I find if one reviewer on a site likes my books the rest are not so enthusiastic.  But Vanessa seems to be as happy with Between Heaven & Hell as Stormy Vixen was with Forbidden Waters.

“I have to say I just loved everything about this extremely sexy read.”  – full review here.

Vanessa is waiting until she has the final book in her hands before she reads book two, and considering the cliffhanger at the end of the second book, I don’t blame her in the least.  Thankfully for those who have been waiting a lot longer than Vanessa for the final installment, it is not much longer now before all three books will finally be available.

I hope Between Life & Death is worth the wait.

Gay romance book coverThe second new review I have to share is actually from over at Amazon and is for Hey, Baby.

Island Lover calls it a great read and gives it five stars.  Actually a little surprised to see that since the reader didn’t like the price.  The prices are out of my hands, but if Island Lover does ever read this, I will be relaying your comments back to my publisher for their future reference.  It may not make any difference, but they are willing to listen.

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