HELP! #nanowrimo

So, I am dithering about which story I should try to write for NaNoWriMo this November and I am changing my mind on a daily basis right now.

I don’t really want to do a shorter story (which would be the more sensible option) but have narrowed it down to two stories.

My Lover’s an Alien (aiming for 70k)

A sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien which picks up the story of Zak and Sam ten years after Zak has been banished back to Earth.  I have only the vaguest concept of where I want this story to go and how it is going to get there.

Dangerous Waves (aiming for 80k)

This is the third merman book. For those wondering about book two, it was written for Camp NaNo in April and is to be submitted to Totally Bound by the end of this year.  Dangerous Waves is the story of Dax and Kai, two mermen who were both met briefly in Forbidden Waters.  This story is well plotted out, save for a few bits towards the end.

So, which do I do?  The shorter story that is going to have me pantsing most of the month – which will really challenge me – or the longer one that is well plotted out and not likely to cause me too many problems.

What is really making it a hard choice is that Zak and Sam are the voices in my head right now.

Dangerous Waves would be my Camp NaNo project for April if I didn’t write it this November so there wouldn’t be a delay in the Mermen & Magic series if I put it off until then.

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  1. Go with whoever is talking to you.

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