Get Ready for Tomorrow

Not only is tomorrow the start of the Spooktacular Blog Hop – watch for the post here on my blog tomorrow – it is also the day of the biggest chat event I have ever come across.

RGR Presents: 24 Hour Halloween Marathon LGBT Chat

Throughout the day there will be a whole bunch of authors – more than 130 in fact – taking part in the 24 hour chat.

I am booked in for the 7pm GMT time slot for an hour, though I will probably be there both earlier and later as a reader as well – at least if I don’t have edits to get through that evening.  If the edits have arrived then I will just be there for the hour.

The chat room can be found here.

I logged in via my Twitter account and it is really easy to do.

I hope to see you there.

Oh, and don’t forget. Between Heaven & Hell is available for general release and print release tomorrow and Between Good & Evil is available for early download from Totally Bound too.

3 responses to “Get Ready for Tomorrow

  1. Yay! Glad you’re doing the blog hop. I’m trying to get something together for my post… We will definitely have fun with this hop, though; -)

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