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Angels & Demons & Ghosts, Oh My!

They look almost normal, the three men lounging in the room.  Two of them are clearly a couple, their fingers entwined as they lean into each other.  The third doesn’t appear to know them.

There is little to set them apart from the rest of the human race, at least at first glance.  All I know is their sub-species, one ghost, one angel, and one demon. You’d never know to look at them.

The youngest – at least in appearance – has a somewhat surly expression on his face. For a moment I wonder if he could be the demon. But no, as piercing as his gaze is, his eyes are a vibrant blue, not demonic red.

I glance at the others.  The dark-haired man is wearing shades.  He seems to know what I’m looking for and peers over the top of them. I suck in my breath at the red I was searching for.  The demon shoots me a wicked grin.

“Behave, Alastor,” his companion chides affectionately.

With the demon located the only question left is which of the others is the angel and which is the ghost. Normally, I’d say the demon’s companion is the angel since ghosts don’t have physical bodies, but the other young man is clearly sitting on the furniture just like they all are.

“Hard to tell, isn’t it?” Alastor asks.  “We all look pretty normal, wouldn’t you say?”

I nod and take a seat, still trying to figure out who is who.

“I’ll make it easy on you,” Alastor’s companion says.  Suddenly a glow that can only be described as heavenly emanates from him.

“You could just stand up and show him your wings,” Alastor points out.  “Mac here always likes to show off.”

Mac chuckled.  “Well, if that’s not the pot calling the kettle…”

I smile and turn to the final occupant in the room.  “I guess that means you’re-”

“Dead.” the ghost cuts me off mid-sentence and waves his hand through the vase on the end table.  He smiles for the first time since I entered the room and it makes him look very young.  I wonder how old he was when he died.  I wonder if it would be considered rude to ask.

“We met once before, didn’t we Benji?” Mac says to Benji with a smile.  “At the hospital when your mother took ill the first time.”

Benji nodded. “You healed her.”

“Only her body,” Mac said sadly.  “I’m afraid there’s no cure for a broken heart and that is what ailed her the most.”

Benji smiled. “She’s doing much better now.  She has me and my Drew to fuss over.”

I wonder who Drew is for only a moment. The expression on Benji’s face says it all. Drew is clearly someone he loves very much.

“Is Drew a ghost too?” I ask.

Benji shakes his head. “He’s human, but he’s psychic, so he can see and hear me no matter what the date is.”

Unlike me, who can only see those such as Benji on Halloween.

Alastor leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees.  “What is it you really want to know?” he asks.  “What is it that draws you to us otherworldly beings?”

I try to put my thoughts into words, but I struggle to find them as the three men watch me so intently. The attraction to the paranormal has been a part of my life for so long, I can’t even remember when it began.

Alastor moves toward me.  “I think I know,” he whispers in a voice so seductive it should be illegal.  “You want to be a part of our world, don’t you?  You want to believe in magic.  You haven’t yet realised where the true magic is found.”

I swallow hard and every sensible thought flies from my head.

“It’s inside here,” Alastor continues as he presses his hand over his heart.  Benji and Mac nod. “The oldest and strongest magic has always been found within. When you find the one person who makes you whole, that’s magic.”

He turns to Mac and winks.  “Though some of us are greedy, aren’t we?”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

Mac laughs.  “He’s talking about our third,” he explains.  “Tristan is the one who makes the two of us complete.”

I wonder what Tristan is like, but they don’t seem eager to share any more information than they already have. Benji, likewise, appears eager to leave, no doubt eager to return to Drew.

I guess I’ve intruded on their time long enough.


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