Heavenly Sins

Following on from my earlier post in October with the amazing and unexpected 5 star review from Prism Book Alliance for Between Good & Evil, I have now got another review from Caroline for book 1.  I hope she was reading them in order!

Book one gets a 4 star review from her which you can read here.

Between Heaven & Hell also has a new review over at Rainbow Book Reviews where it has 3.5 stars (star rating from where it is posted at Amazon). Apparently this one is predictable and repetitive.  I guess I need to work on that, though I am not sure how many more twists I can put into a book.  I thought there were plenty in this one already.

I just hope that the steady decline in ratings from reviewers doesn’t continue even further.

Better news for Between Good & Evil.  Like I said, it got 5 stars from Caroline at Prism Book Alliance and I found out today (thanks to Elin Gregory who tagged me on Facebook) that it is also one of the October recommended reads.  This totally made my day.  I am not one of those authors who has every book they release shoot right to the top of the Amazon bestseller list, they rarely get a little silver star at All Romance Ebooks and being a recommended read is not something that happens to me very often. So forgive me if I have to have a few minutes bragging about it today.

I don’t know how I am going to deal with the nerves that the final book being released is going to cause.  With several people waiting eagerly for the last installment in the trilogy I hope that they think it is worth it when they finally get to read the conclusion of the story.

In other news, I did start my NaNoWriMo story today.  Got 3500 words down so far and am aiming for 5000 words today.  I ended up going with the not-even-remotely-plotted sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien, tentatively called My Lover’s an Alien.  I will probably be sharing a snippet from what I have written so far later on this weekend.

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