LM’s Guide to British…Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

It’s a little early, but unfortunately these posts are all scheduled for Saturdays and November 5th has inconveniently fallen in the middle of the week this year.  Inconvenient not only for this blog post, but also for the fact that it means I’ll be half asleep at work on the 6th.

So, what is it all about?

Well, this is the date on which we recall Guy Fawkes and his conspirators and their failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605.

But what do we do on Bonfire Night?

Well, in the run up we used to make a “Guy” and collect a “penny for the Guy”.  The dummy would be made from old clothes stuffed with rags or straw or anything that burns nice and easy.  These days you rarely see anyone going to the trouble to build a Guy and collect their pennies. In fact the last time I saw anyone asking for a penny for the Guy they hadn’t built one at all and were asking for a quid (£1).  Talk about inflation!

Then on Bonfire Night itself the Guy would be tossed on the bonfire ready to be burned.

Bonfire parties still take place all over the country (with or without a Guy) and we let off lots of fireworks.

We can also cook food on the bonfire, jacket potatoes are popular, and toast marshmallows in the flames.  Hot food round the Bonfire is a given while watching the fireworks since the temperature on the 5th November is a tad brisker than you’d find on the 4th July.

If you live somewhere where it isn’t possible to have your own bonfire then there are plenty of firework displays around the country and while most take place on 5th November itself, you might find a few that take place on a night at the nearest weekend.

And for those who are in the UK, remember to stay safe this Bonfire Night.

4 responses to “LM’s Guide to British…Bonfire Night

  1. Hey, don’t forget sparklers! Bonfire Night clearly makes us take leave of our senses, because obviously you wouldn’t give a pointy metal thing that’s also on fire to small children on any other night of the year. 😀

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