My Lover’s An Alien #nanowrimo

Two days into NaNoWriMo and it has been a good weekend for writing.  Yesterday morning I still had little clue which story I was going to go with. The well plotted mermen or the unplotted aliens.

I ended up going with the alien story.  Yes, I am truly crazy.  With so much on, including three other writing projects with deadlines (one of which I had forgotten about until Halloween night) I have gone with the one that is unplotted.

This is going to be a real challenge.  I have never done NaNoWriMo with so much going on.

Anyway, just to prove I have been working hard this weekend – points at progress calendar at the top right and gloats – here is a little snippet from the story to hopefully give you all an appetite for more.  Please remember this is a first draft and has not been even remotely edited yet.  After all, the whole point of National Novel Writing Month is to turn off that inner editor.  🙂

Sam moaned, long and loud, and the mobile phone slid from his fingers. He picked it up again and mumbled an apology to Darren. “He wants to talk to you.” Sam held the phone out to Zak.

Zak released Sam’s dick from his mouth. “I’m a little busy right now.”

Sam relayed his words back to Darren, before holding out the phone again. “He said ‘now’ in that tone of voice.”

Zak sighed and took the mobile from Sam. “Hi, Dad. What’s up?”

Darren chuckled. “Apart from your boyfriend’s cock?”

Zak gave the appendage in question another firm tug and Sam cried out again. This time he made no attempt to quieten his noises.

“Zak,” Darren continued without waiting for him to reply. “Do you remember when we had that discussion about inappropriate behaviour?”

“We had several of those conversations.”

“The one about telephone calls,” Darren clarified. “Where we discussed things like feeling up your boyfriend at the same time as speaking to one of your parents.”

“I wasn’t the one talking to you. That was Sam.”

Zak could almost see his foster father rolling his eyes on the other end of the phone.

“Then let me make it really clear,” Darren said. “When I’m talking to one or the other of you on the phone, it’s inappropriate for either of you to be doing anything sexual.”

Zak bit his lip in a half-hearted attempt to stop himself saying his next words. “Does that mean I can’t go masturbate in the bathroom if you’re on the phone to Sam?”

He covered the phone with his hand to try to prevent Darren from hearing Sam’s guffaws of laughter as well as his own chuckles.

“You do know you have to grow up some time?” Darren commented. Zak could hear the laughter in his voice.

“Oh I don’t know about that.” Zak straddled Sam’s legs as he continued to tease him. “I feel as horny as a teenager.”

For those who hadn’t already guessed this NaNo story is a sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien, which was released at the start of 2014 by Totally Bound.

My Boyfriend's an Alien gay romance cover art

Available now from Totally Bound and many other online stores.

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