MM Good Book Reviews and #NaNoWriMo Update

Now, you’ll have to forgive me if I am repeating reviews here.  I got two links sent to me today and I think I might have already shared one of them – I just can’t remember which one.  I could go look them up on my blog but with edits in my Inbox I am going to be lazy about it and simply post links to them both.

They are the MM Good Book Reviews for the second editions of Between Heaven & Hell & Between Good & Evil. They both for 4 1/2 stars.

“I will recommend this to those who love Angel’s and Demon’s, fantasy, twists and surprises, really hot sex, love, jealousy, temptation and an ending that lets you know there is more to come.” – Link to full review

““God damn you, L.M. Brown. You should be devising torture in Hell.” those were my first thoughts when I finished this book, and they were also my second and third thoughts as well…. My fourth thought was ‘where does she live?’, because I want that third book now!” – Link to full review

Thankfully for me, the final book is on schedule for release later this year (that is actually the edits I have in my inbox) so Pixie does not have to track me down to get the final installment.

I am also over at MM Good Book Reviews today as part of my blog tour.  I am talking about menage stories in general, as well as my Heavenly Sins trilogy, and the expectations of readers when it comes to three way relationships.

NaNoWriMo Update

So, yesterday was a real struggle for me to get those words down.  A tricky scene, too many distractions, and a headache from the day job meant I had my most difficult day of NaNo so far this year.

What is most frustrating though is that I did get those words down, but a glitch on the system meant they didn’t all register.  😦

I updated it again this morning and they did, but it still shows that yellow box for yesterday when in fact it should have been green.  *grumbles*

Today it is showing those additional words, even though I have not written anything today.  With edits to work on it is not likely I will be getting any words down today either.

I was contemplating doing the minimum word count each day before working on other things, but I have changed my mind.  If I can get my edits done and dusted by the time the weekend rolls around I will have two full writing days to really get some words down again.  That gives me three evenings and four early mornings to do the edits. Friday night is our annual Bonfire Night party so nothing is going to be happening in the writing world that evening!

With a 60k story it is going to be a push.  But once this job is out of the way I think I can manage to split my time between other projects with upcoming deadlines (three stories and an interview at present count) as well as keep up with getting the NaNoWriMo story written.

Wish me luck!

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