New Year Resolutions & 2014 Roundup

I could have sworn I did one of these posts last New Year and wanted to go back and see how I had done.  But apparently my memory is even worse than I thought it was and I had actually forgotten to do this last year.  Oops!

Well, that being the case, here is a quick round up of what has happened in my book world in 2014 and what I hope to get done in 2015.  That way, this time next year I might actually be able to find this post and see how I did properly.

January 2014

This month saw the general and print release of My Boyfriend’s an Alien, my second book with Totally Bound.  This is also my most popular and best selling book to date.


This was not a particularly great month for me, but it should probably be marked.  It was the month I finally decided that enough was enough and requested the rights back to all of my books with Silver Publishing.


In March I got my rights back to all my Silver books and also signed a new contract with Totally Bound for Forbidden Waters, the first book in my new Mermen & Magic series.


In April split my time in two different areas.  Firstly I was participating in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time and wrote the first draft of the second Mermen & Magic book, Tempestuous Tides.  It was a great success in terms of getting words down on the page.

I also spent quite a bit of time sorting out what was going to happen with my orphaned books.  Silver Publishing closed its doors this month and this resulted in lots of publishers who would not normally accept re-releases from authors not already with them accepting them in these circumstances.  Consequently I spent some considerable time researching those publishers and deciding which to submit it.


May was spent doing much of the same when it came to research and sorting out my orphans.  The Heavenly Sins trilogy went to Totally Bound and I got Touch of a Ghost sent into Breathless Press, taking the first step in my quest to learn from my mistakes and not have all my eggs in one basket when it comes to my books.

I also got the first draft of Potions and Prisons, my second fairy tale type story written this month.


In June I signed my first contract with Breathless Press and found a home for the first of my orphans, Touch of a Ghost.

I also signed a contract with Totally Bound for One Perfect Wish, a brand new story.


In July Tristan, Mac and Alastor found a new home with Totally Bound, although the contracts were not technically finalised until August.


As well as signing contracts for the three Heavenly Sins books, my first Mermen & Magic book was released from Totally Bound.  An all male menage set in the underwater city of Atlantis and the South Coast of England.

August was also the month that I signed my first contract with Fireborn Publishing.  Hey, Baby, another orphan was re-homed with Fireborn, during this busy summer month.


Since there was no editing or alterations to the story, Hey, Baby had a very quick release date and was available again in September.


This month saw the re-release of Touch of a Ghost with Breathless Press as well as the re-release of Between Heaven & Hell with Totally Bound.


I am afraid that November became the first month I failed at NaNoWriMo.  With too much on and being stretched in so many different directions, I just couldn’t get those words down.  The sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien has now been put on the back burner and may or may not ever see the light of day.  It is a story that simply wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to.

On a more positive note this month did see the re-release of Between Good & Evil, the second Heavenly Sins book.

AND, I was stunned to find that this month I got my first nominations ever in the MM Goodreaders Reader’s Choice Awards.   My Boyfriend’s an Alien and Forbidden Waters picked up three nominations between them and while I didn’t make it to the finals (at least I assume I didn’t since I am not a member of the group and can’t check – presume someone would have told me if I had) it was a great achievement to me to be nominated at all.  My books do tend to get forgotten about when it comes to this sort of thing and I am honoured that they were thought so much of by someone this year that they were put forward.


December saw two more releases, both brand new ones this time.  One Perfect Wish and Between Life & Death were both released by Totally Bound (although the general releases are actually in January).

I also managed to get Tempestuous Tides sent in to Totally Bound this month and should be signing a contract for it in the New Year.

Plans for 2015

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

Obviously Tempestuous Tides is already in the works.  I have already heard from my editor about it and should be signing contracts in the New Year.  Not sure when the release date will be, but suspect sometime in the summer.

I have deliberated for most of the year about what to do with most of my orphans and have to admit that for most of them I still don’t know.  Chances are I will be saying the same thing this time next year too.

Top of my list for getting re-homed is Let Down Your Hair.  I have been dithering over whether to make any substantial alternations to the story before it is submitted since it was not exactly well received by some readers out there.  Eventually I have come to the decision that I won’t.  Those readers won’t be picking up the new edition and totally missed the point of the story.  I like it the way it is and other than some minor amendments (the name change has been corrected for example) the book should remain pretty much as it was before.

Since I have several more stories in various stages of completion set in this same fairy tale kingdom I am planning on getting those written and submitted during the course of the year.  My timescales right now are..

Let Down Your Hair – submit by end of January
Potions & Prisons – submit by end of March
Destiny & Dragons – submit by end of August
Magic & Mirrors – submit by end of 2015

I think this is a realistic timescale in light of other projects I have in the works.

I am 99% sure they are going to be sent to Fireborn Publishing.  My editor at Silver (who edited Let Down Your Hair) is working with them and I think it would be sensible to keep the same editor for the rest of the series.  This will also ensure that I get new stories sent to Fireborn as well as old Silver stories.

Another publisher I want to get something new sent to is Breathless Press.  I was considering sending them the fairy tale series, but as you can see from my reasons above, I changed my mind.  I do however plan on getting another novella sent to them, this one a brand new story.

I also hope to spread out a little more and have two other publishers I would like to submit to, though they will remain nameless on this blog for the moment.  They know who they are though.

So what stories do I have in mind for writing in 2015?

Well, apart from the fairy tales listed above, there is the third Mermen & Magic book which I am hoping will be my April Camp NaNoWriMo project.  Dangerous Waves will be the story of Dax and Kai and will give readers an insight into the lives of the Oracles.  Obviously this one will be going to Totally Bound.

I have an untitled story set in a brand new world where elves live alongside humans and have a great affinity with nature.  This one is very high on my list of projects and I am leaning towards Breathless Press for this particular story.

Also high up on the list is an extension to my free read set on the Gay Cruise for the Beth Wylde chat last summer.  Many of the writers who participated in this are hoping to put an anthology together of extended stories and I would hope to join in with that.   In case you missed the event there are a lot of free reads posted back in June to the group below.

Another project I have in mind is a bittersweet sci-fi story, though I am not sure who would want that one.  I also have a couple of unfinished stories from 2013 and even earlier that I would like to revisit – one vampire story and one paranormal/alternate reality story.   I want to get at least one of these finished and submitted for consideration to a brand new publisher.

I may write a fourth Heavenly Sins story at some point in the future – about characters other than the trio in the first three books.  I am thinking that this may be a project for after 2015 though.  This year I have realised that I can only fit so much into my days and I need to be realistic about how much I can write when doing so around a full time day job.

And on top of all that, there is also the rest of the orphans to consider.  Some may stay out of print but others I would like to find homes for as well as extend and revise.

Other Resolutions

I have now had a year on the WordPress blog/site and am just about getting used to it.  In 2015 I want to try to blog more regularly with other stuff besides book news.  I began that this year with the Guide to British… posts and am hoping to do some more of those in 2015, though they will not be weekly.

I am leaning towards monthly posts with the following topics…

British Guides – as already begun.
Scrivener Tips – fairly short posts of the “did you know you could…” variety.
Monthly target/projects – including a review of the previous month.
Wednesday Briefs – I say it every year, so yet again I want to participate once a month in the flash fiction group, if not more frequently.

I also want to try to join in with Sunday Snogs and Tease Me Thursdays on a more regular basis to keep this blog active.

Other ideas I have had are posting profiles of characters from my books as well as showcasing some of my favourite books from the genre.  I would NOT be reviewing the books and would not be taking requests. Just sharing what I like to read with blurbs and links to the authors’ websites.

Guests are always welcome here, so hopefully that will also keep things busy and varied in my little corner of the web.

The stats show a lot more visitors to my blog in the last year and I would like to try to keep up the momentum and get things more structured rather than the “as and when” policy I have now when it comes to blogging.

And that is about it for my yearly roundup and resolutions.  If you have actually read through all of this then Happy New Year!

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