Lots of new Reviews

Since I have been offline for much of the holidays here is a round up of the various new reviews for my books that have come to my attention on my return.  I don’t think I am repeating anything that I have already posted about here on my blog, but forgive me if I am.  I have gone from getting no reviews (or only bad ones) for my stories to getting a bit of an after-holiday break flood.

There are quite a few so let’s get on with the show.  First up One Perfect Wish.

Cat at MM Good Book Reviews has given this one 5 hearts and says “for a short story this packs a big punch.”  Link to full review

Pansy Petal over at The Jeep Diva gives it 4 stars and says it is “the perfect after holiday read”.  Link to full review.

It also got 4 stars over at Joyfully Jay where Jason says it is “an unusual but worthwhile read”.  Link to full review.

Over at Rainbow Book Reviews Christy calls it “heartfelt” and got teary-eyed at the story.  Link to full review.

Apparently I should have been warning people to read One Perfect Wish with a box of tissues to hand.

Touch of a Ghost has also been reviewed over at MM Good Book Reviews.

Shorty has given it 4.5 hearts and says “Loved this story. It was sweet, heartbreaking, and dramatic.”

Link to full review.

The Heavenly Sins series, which is now finally all available is also getting a few reviews.

Between Good & Evil has been reviewed by Chocolate Minx over at Literary Nymphs who gives the story 4 nymphs.  I am actually not sure if the reviewer realises there is a third book to the series or not.  The cliffhanger ending to the story is referred to as a “bitter ending” which the reviewer was saddened by.  I daren’t respond to reviews these days but hope they get their hands on the final book to discover how I get the boys of the mess I left them in.

Nevertheless, the reviewer says that Between Good & Evil is “an enjoyable as well as an Impressive saga“.  Link to full review.

Someone who has managed to get a copy of the last book is Caroline over at the Prism Book Alliance.  She concludes her review of the final book in the trilogy with this.

“Congratulations must go the author for the world building over these three books. Everything was set and ready for what must happen and as a reader I was left quickly flipping pages and sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all work itself out. I found myself shouting at my kindle at the seemingly unfairness of it all and then the Epilogue turned me into a blubbering mess. Well done L M Brown on a fantastic series!”

Link to full review.

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