Between Life & Death Release Day

Today is the general release day for the final book in my Heavenly Sins trilogy.  Which means that from today the entire story of Tristan, Mac & Alastor is available from stores like Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.  Barnes & Noble should have the book there in due course but is, as is often the case, late in getting it up there.

Between Life & Death is also out in print today if that is your format of choice.

Between Life & Death
Heavenly Sins Book 3
A male/male/male paranormal romance

With Tristan imprisoned in the Underworld the ménage is broken.  Angels are forbidden to enter the demonic domain and while Mac has been breaking rules in recent months, he doesn’t have the power to enter the Underworld.

Alastor is still unsure about his position in the relationship following recent revelations, but he cannot walk away when he is the only real link between his two lovers. Splitting his time between Mac and Tristan he hopes they can soon find a way to reunite the two men in his life.

As time moves on Alastor realises he is struggling to satisfy Tristan’s thirst for sex.  His lover needs more than he can give him and craves Mac in his bed.

Mac still believes he can complete his mission to save his two lovers, but with one of them out of his reach it is going to be far from easy.

During their time together they have made plenty of enemies, including one who would seek to separate them forever, even if it means biding his time until Alastor and Tristan are at their most vulnerable, when even the love of an angel can’t save them.

Buy the ebook now from

Totally Bound
Amazon (universal link)
All Romance Ebooks

Print edition from

Totally Bound
Amazon US
Amazon UK – hopefully soon!

And before I go, one tiny bit of news about my last release (just two weeks ago), One Perfect Wish.  For the first time (at least to my knowledge) one of my stories briefly appeared on the Totally Bound Bestseller List.

I only saw it there briefly, yesterday morning, but I am told it still counts.  🙂

It actually may have been there for a week or more since I don’t actually stalk the lists and had only gone there to look for something I was interested in buying.

Thank you to everyone who helped to put it on the list.
I hope you all enjoy the story.

5 responses to “Between Life & Death Release Day

  1. Loved it!!! I loved the entire series and am grateful that you were able to find a new home for them.

    I read somewhere that you may have thought of a story about two angels from this series. My fingers are crossed that’s its Michael and his lover. I would love to read about Michael completing his mission [redeeming his lover and the two lust demons 🙂 ] and getting his happily ever after.

    I hope you do decide to right this story, I will gladly wait a few years while you complete your new mermaid series and other novels. I believe this new series will be a great and will help the time pass by.

    P.S. I haven’t started the Mermen series yet, I am waiting on the second novel to be released. So I can read both over a long relaxing weekend!

  2. Hi Lee!

    Thank you for stopping by and letting me know that you enjoyed this series. I am glad the final installment was worth the wait.

    The story I have in mind is about Michael and his lover, though the one I am have in mind to write would pre-date the events of present day. That being said, there is the possibility that I could split his story into two and cover his current mission and happily ever after too. After all, this trilogy started life as a short story.

    I wouldn’t be waiting until the mermen series is finished before I wrote this one, but I am probably going to struggle to fit in this year as I have quite a few other projects already lined up. However, I think that next year would be doable, if I can’t fit it in this year.

    As for the second merman story – Lucas and Justin’s story is with Totally Bound and I have sent in the information my editor has requested to get it into the works there. I am hoping to be making an announcement about a new contract for that one some time this month and with a bit of luck the story will be out in the summer.

  3. So excited to hear that!! Just one question if Mac, Tristan, Alastor’s story was a trilogy called Heavenly Sins (since heaven was a major part in the story), will Michael and his lover be a duology with Hell title? Like Hell’s Blessing/Bliss.
    And thank you for replying to my earlier comment.

    • I have to admit I haven’t really thought of a title for this one yet. The working title is Between Love & Duty since that is a big theme in the story, but it may end up being something totally different. Part of the decision will be with the publisher since it is not actually part of the Heavenly Sins trilogy so they may want a totally different title. I’ll have to wait and see. The Hell titles are a good idea though. Will have to have a think on it.

    • Oh and you are welcome for the reply. It is lovely to have someone stop by and comment here.

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