Let Down Your Hair News

I have today submitted Let Down Your Hair to Fireborn Publishing.  The story has not been substantially changed, although I have done a little bit of tweaking and sorted out the changing name of the queen.

The good news is that Fireborn got back to me really quickly – within 2 hours in fact – and the contract is signed for them to release the story later this year.  Tentative release date is 13th March 2015.  That is less than two months away. Yikes!

Although the story was initially released as a stand alone story, this time around it is the first one in a series of new male/male fairy tales.  The second story is – I hope – going to be sent into Fireborn by the end of March for them to consider whether they want that one too.  Fingers crossed they will.

So, Let Down Your Hair has moved from the out of print bar at the top of the page and is on the upcoming one.

I am hopefully going to be adding Tempestuous Tides to that list too.  The second Mermen & Magic book has been sent to Totally Bound along with the information requested by my editor.  Now I just need to stalk my inbox for the second shiny new contract for 2015.

Lots of projects to work on in the meantime though.

I hope everyone else is having a great 2015 so far too.

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