January Recap and Goals for February

I am afraid that January was a bit of a bust for getting things done that I meant to.  I have been in holiday mode since December, which would also translate as very lazy.

The one thing I did manage to get sorted out what that I did get Let Down Your Hair sent to Fireborn Publishing and it will be coming out in March.

Unfortunately. that is about all I did get done that I intended to.

My self-imposed word count of 10,000 words (minimum) to be written in January didn’t happen.  In fact I didn’t manage to write anything until the final day of the month.  I think I got something between 2,500 and 3,000 words down on Dangerous Waves, book 3 of the Mermen & Magic series, but they were slow in getting written and the characters are just not talking to me yet.  I am hoping that they will become more chatty in February.

Blog posts for the month were also very slack.  Again, it is something I really need to work on.

So, with that in mind, here are my new goals for February.

1. Write 10,000 words of Dangerous Waves.
2. Begin the self editing/formatting of Potions & Prisons.
3. Post a minimum of one flash fiction installment.
4. Post a minimum of two themed blog posts.  I hope to increase this to four per month by the end of 2015.
5. Join in one Sunday Snog OR one Tease Me Thursday.

Wish me luck – or failing that – give me a swift kick up the you-know-what.

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