Between Life & Death – New Reviews

Just a quick update today (yes, I seem to have a lot of those) with a couple of new reviews (or newish since I found out about them last week but didn’t have time to post).

Rainbow Book Reviews has reviewed Between Life & Death and says this about it.

“A good ending to an interesting series, ‘Between Life and Death’, went in a direction or two that surprised me and kept me entertained.”

Full review here.

Literary Nymphs has also reviewed Between Life & Death and has given it 4.5 Nymphs.

“The well written plot explores the religious sticky situation of human morals, along with the influences our earthly behavior has on the afterlife. I thoroughly enjoyed the character’s honorable traits, as well as their arousing exhibitions of intimacy.”

Full review here.

If you want to know more about the Heavenly Sins series, just check out the pages for the individual books right here on my site/blog.  Just remember if you do want to read them, the trilogy is one that really must be read in order.

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