February Recap and Goals for March

It’s the 1st of March and it is therefore time to see how I did on my February goals.  I almost dare not look.

This is what I set for myself.

1. Write 10,000 words of Dangerous Waves.
2. Begin the self editing/formatting of Potions & Prisons.
3. Post a minimum of one flash fiction installment.
4. Post a minimum of two themed blog posts.  I hope to increase this to four per month by the end of 2015.
5. Join in one Sunday Snog OR one Tease Me Thursday.

So, how did I do?  A bit hit and miss actually, though certainly far better than January.

1.  I managed to get my word count on Dangerous Waves up to 40,000 which means I am at the half way mark.  The characters are still being unbelievably stubborn about talking to me, and every word has been like pulling teeth.  But it is just the first draft and I am counting this one as a success for February.

2. I managed to get Potions and Prisons into the format for the publisher, but the editing and polishing hasn’t even been started.

3.  I did get one piece of flash fiction written this month.  Would have liked it to be more, but the minimum was achieved, so marking that as another success.

4.  The two themed blog posts didn’t happen.  My good intentions went to pot on this one I’m afraid.

5. And the Sunday Snog and Tease Me Thursday didn’t happen either.  These I actually totally forgot about.  Oops.

As you can see, very hit and miss for February, though an improvement on January.

Let’s see if March is any better. Here are my goals for March.

1. Another 10,000 words for Dangerous Waters.  Ideally I would like the 75-80k first draft done by the end of the month, but it is not likely to happen with the way this story is going.

2.  Potions and Prisons to be pre-sub edited and sent into the publisher.  I have a few days off from the Evil Day Job in March and that is my main priority for that long weekend.

3. Post a minimum of one flash fiction installment.

4. Since it has been a bust so far this year, even one themed blog post would be an achievement this month.

5. Try to remember to participate in a Sunday Snog to Tease Me Thursday.

6.  Choose which story to write for Camp NaNoWriMo in April and get it all nicely noted, ready to start next month.  I am thinking this year a novella would be better than a longer story.   That way I can carry on writing Dangerous Waves during the month too.  I am torn between my brand new elven story idea and the third book in my fairy tale series.

Also this month, Let Down Your Hair is due for re-release so be sure to look out for a cover reveal soon and the re-release in a couple of weeks.  I have seen the mock cover and can’t wait to share the finished one with you all.

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