Snog Interrupted #SundaySnog

Here is a brand new snog from me.  Say hello to Kai and Dax.  Those who have read Forbidden Waters will already have met these two mermen briefly.  I am currently working on their story – book 3 in my Mermen & Magic series – and today you get a sneak peek at them.  Please note that this is a first draft sneak peek and therefore entirely unedited – it may also not end up in the final version of the story at all.

* * *

Dax glared after the disappearing hecklers. “I think we need to make finding clothes a priority.”

Kai snorted. “I thought it already was. In case you haven’t noticed, they don’t exactly leave piles of them on the ground for naked mermen to find.”

Dax flinched and Kai wished he could take back his harsh words. “I’m sorry,” he offered. “I know it’s not your fault.”

“Don’t worry,” Dax assured him as he wrapped him up in a warm embrace. “We’ll manage.”

Kai’s human body reacted immediately and his cock hardened. “You should probably let me go,” he said, though he made no effort to step out of Dax’s arms.

Dax didn’t release him either. If anything, he pulled him closer. Dax’s hardness brushed against his own and Kai couldn’t stop the whimper of desire.

“I don’t think humans have public sex,” Kai whispered.

Dax chuckled. “Considering how they cover up their bodies, I think you’re probably right.”

Kai shivered as Dax caressed his back and arse, stroking him with purpose. Kai bit down on his lip to stifle a whimper of desire. Dax licked at his ear and sucked the lobe into his mouth. Kai had never thought of his ears as particularly sensitive, but right now his left ear seemed to be directly connected to his cock. Each time Dax nipped on his ear a wave of longing shot through Kai.

Dax clamped his lips down on Kai’s neck hard enough to surely leave a mark on Kai’s skin. Kai didn’t care. The sensation of Dax sucking on his neck was something he had never experienced before and he wanted more. He tilted his head to give Dax better access.

“Anyone who sees this will know you’re mine,” Dax told him before he licked across the place he had marked.

“Yours?” Kai asked. He felt the first glimmer of hope that he might mean something more to Dax than just another merman to fuck during the mating season.

Dax grabbed his arse and squeezed it tight. “Oh yes. I want you, Kai. Right now.”

“Humans don’t do public sex, remember?”

Dax leaned down to murmur into Kai’s ear. “I remember, but there’s one thing you’re forgetting. We’re not humans. We’re mermen and right now I want you too badly to wait.”

Kai clung to Dax as the slightly taller merman kissed him hard on the lips. Kai moaned as he rubbed up against Dax. It wasn’t the mating season, yet he felt as though his body was on fire everywhere Dax touched him.

They didn’t hear the human vehicles passing by them, nor the jeers of the passengers. Kai didn’t even notice when one of the contraptions came to a stop right beside them and the occupants got out.

The first time he realised they were no longer alone was when he felt a hand on his body that wasn’t Dax’s. Kai jumped and faced the two strange humans who had interrupted them.

The two men were dressed in nearly identical clothing and their vehicle wasn’t plain like the other ones they had seen. It was bright yellow and blue, had human writing on it and some kind of blue light on the top. From the harsh expressions on the faces of the humans Kai had a feeling they were in trouble. They should have been more careful to stay out of sight of humans until they had found some clothing. Unfortunately, it was too late now.

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2 responses to “Snog Interrupted #SundaySnog

  1. Mmm! Nice excerpt, LM.

  2. Uh-oh, poor guys! Thanks for the excerpt, looks delicious!

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