Reader Appreciation Day! #mmromance #giveaway


Today is Reader Appreciation Day over at The Sweet Spot.

I will be there with a bunch of other m/m authors where you will find lots of excerpts as well as giveaways.

I am offering up a copy of Let Down Your Hair to one member of the group.

You need to join the Yahoo Group to take part but it is well worth it.

I will also be trying to stop by today at the Love Romances Cafe (also a Yahoo Group) where it is GBLT Promo Day.

In between being there I am going to be trying to sort out the short story I have been working on this week.  It is one of those plot bunnies that wouldn’t leave me alone and since it was a short story I thought I would just quickly get a first draft down and then get back to other stuff.  Oh how wrong I was…

It was supposed to be a short and sexy story with a rather angsty ending for one of the guys.  And it was, until guy number two decided to wander back into the story when he should have been carrying on with his life.

The concept was quite simple. Here is the initial plot bunny I was working with.

Caleb was a man who lived by the motto ‘love ’em and leave ’em’, forgetting his lovers almost as soon as he left their beds. Until the day he slept with the wrong man. Cursed by a warlock, now he is the one who’s forgotten. Every man he has sex with forgets him as soon as they leave his presence.  At first he isn’t too bothered, but then he starts to realise all those men meet their true love within a day of being with him. Now he is the one being used and only his own soul mate will be able to remember him.

When Ethan’s friends set him up with an appointment with Caleb he knows what to expect. A night of hot sex with a man he won’t remember, then meeting the love of his life the next day.  Everything plays out as he anticipated including the loss of his memory, leaving Caleb to continue his lonely wait.

And that is where it all went wrong – instead of leaving Caleb alone, as Caleb told him to, Ethan comes strolling back to him, even though he doesn’t remember the previous night.

My boys are not behaving in the way they are supposed to at all!

Instead of a bittersweet ending to this short story, I have got something like the gay version of 50 First Dates.  *wails*

Why won’t my boys ever do what I want them to?

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