Paranormal Love Wednesday Blog Hop

Although I won’t be participating in this every week since it does clash with Wednesday Briefs, I am going to try to participate on some of those weeks when I haven’t managed to get any flash fiction written – yes, I know that is most weeks these days.  I am trying to improve though.

oneperfectwish 200 x 320For this week, I am going to share a snippet from One Perfect Wish my djinn story, released earlier this year from Totally Bound.


“Cameron is the other half of your soul—the one man who could make you truly happy. While this wish may not have been of your creation, surely you can recognise the love of your life when I shove you into his arms?”

Scott tightened his arm round Cameron. He had no idea if the djinn spoke the truth, yet he couldn’t deny the attraction he felt towards his fake husband. It wasn’t all physical either. He enjoyed spending time with him, and a small part of him did wish their life together didn’t have to end after today.

It was impossible of course. Apart from the issue of having no idea where he was or how he had got here, the djinn had made it clear that come midnight Scott would be whisked back to his own life. It wasn’t as if he had any other options. Even if he could somehow track Cameron down again, it didn’t mean this life they had would suddenly become real.

Scott found the thought of spending more time with Cameron deliciously tempting. He wondered if Cameron really lived in this idyllic little village, or whether he resided somewhere else entirely. Did he work as a chef, or a bureaucratic pen-pusher in some dismal office? How much of this wish-created world was actually real?


You can read more about One Perfect Wish by clicking here.

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