Go with the flow


Sometimes I find my characters don’t want to go in the directions I intended.  Actually, I find this happens a lot.

Earlier this month I was getting rather annoyed with people calling my stories predictable.  It is something that I really do strive not to be, but unfortunately I had a bit of a spate of comments saying this and decided I wanted to do something completely different.

There was a little plot bunny in my head that would be perfect for mixing things up a little.  A sexy short story with a bittersweet ending.  Of course, the warnings we have to put on bittersweet stories would mean it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but at least it would be something different.

That was the intention when I started to write the story on 16th March 2015.

Of course, my boys are remarkably determined to get their happy endings and a bittersweet one wasn’t going to cut it for this stubborn pair.

Two weeks later and the first draft of the story is done.  Sometimes the words won’t come, other times they fly from my fingers as though they have a life of their own. This time it was the latter.

It was supposed to be short, sexy and bittersweet.

Instead it is nearly 30,000 words long with one my typically sweet endings.  Still quite sexy though, so I guess one out of three isn’t too bad, right?

Tentatively titled Forget Me Not, My Love here is a short sneak peek at Caleb and Ethan, two men determined to have a happy ending, regardless of my intentions.

Cursed to be forgotten, Caleb has lived for two hundred years with the knowledge that as soon as he leaves the presence of any man he has sex with they will forget him and swiftly find love with another. 

Ethan knows the score when he enters Caleb’s rooms. One night of amazing sex, which he won’t remember the next day, but with the promise of finding true love immediately after.

Neither man is prepared to part, but how can they hope to have a relationship when one of them is cursed to be forgotten?

* * * * *

Even though he thought he’d be better off running out the door, Ethan did as Caleb suggested and sat down.

“This is what’s going to happen,” Caleb said as he took the second seat. “If you choose to stay with me tonight we’re going to have sex. Tomorrow morning I’ll ask you to do something for me and you’ll leave.”

“What are you going to ask me to do?”

“Merely come back into the room after you’ve closed the door behind you.”

“That’s all?”

“Yes. If you’re like all the others who have taken up my offer you’ll forget everything about me the moment you leave the room. You’ll have seen the exit sign opposite my door?”

Ethan nodded.

“It’s there so you’ll find your way out of the building since you won’t recall how you got up here. You’ll have total amnesia of everything that happened from the moment you stepped into the bar downstairs until you leave this room.”

“I still don’t get why I’ll forget everything,” Ethan said. “Are you planning on drugging me or something?”

“Certainly not.”

“Then why would I have sudden amnesia?”

“Because I’m cursed.”

“Excuse me?” Caleb couldn’t have said what he had thought he did.

“I was a rather promiscuous young man,” Caleb explained with a grim smile. “I fucked around with as many men as I could, never going back for seconds and rarely even bothering to remember their names. Then one day I fucked the wrong man. He was a warlock and took offence to my fuck ‘em and leave ‘em attitude. He cursed me for forgetting him so quickly, and from that day forward every man I’ve fucked has immediately forgotten me.”

Ethan laughed. He couldn’t help it, even though Caleb appeared affronted at his reaction. “I’m sorry, but if you weren’t bothering to remember the men you slept with, why would you care if they couldn’t remember you?”

“At first I wasn’t bothered, but after a while I came to learn that each man I fucked found love with another immediately afterwards. I became envious of what they had and wanted it for myself, yet I’m cursed to be forgotten.”

“Until a man comes back to you?” Ethan asked.


“How long have you been waiting?”

Caleb frowned in concentration. “Just over two hundred years.”

“What?” Of all the things Ethan had heard in the last few minutes, this was the one piece of information that might just tip him over the edge.

* * * * *

So there we have it.  Another two guys determined to have their own way.  All they have left me to do is decide what I am going to do with the story once it is all polished up.

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