Camp NaNoWriMo 2015


This April I am hoping to come back from the disaster that was NaNoWriMo 2014, when, last November, I had to chalk up my first failure for these events.  With too much on, both in my writing life and offline, I just couldn’t complete the challenge and the sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien had to take a back seat. I hope to get to the story again some day, but it won’t be this month.

For Camp NaNoWriMo I decided to do a shorter story this time, and chose my third male/male fairy tale romance, Destiny & Dragons.  Considering the slow start to the month this is probably a good thing.

The first two days were a total bust. The evil day job drained me completely and I was too wiped to get any words written at all.

Thankfully, since it is Easter, I have a four day weekend and a chance to catch up.

3rd April was a great success with me getting 7,000 words down – and for once, I actually like a lot of them.

Today hasn’t been quite as productive, but it is still only early evening and I am only 500 words short of my 6,000 words daily target.  It is definitely doable.

So, all in all, even though I have only been writing for two of the four days of the event so far, it has been most productive.

Lord Marcus, who readers may recall from Let Down Your Hair is on a mission to slay a dragon and rescue a princess.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Instead he finds himself rescuing a dragon from a witch. Runt is a sweet young man – probably my sweetest hero to date – and I am really enjoying writing their journey.

Here is a little snippet of the two of them from the first draft of this story.

Somehow, Marcus had wound up in the same stall as Runt, who had wrapped himself around him, using him as a pillow.

“We really should find another name for you,” Marcus said. “I can’t keep calling you Runt.”

“Runt is the name my parents gave me.”

“The parents who didn’t try to save you from the witch.”

“They did what they had to for the good of everyone.”

“Not you.”

Runt sniffled and burrowed close to him. “It doesn’t matter what my name is. I’ll always be the runt of the litter, the dragon who was captured by a witch and rescued by a human.”

Marcus rubbed Runt’s back, trying to sooth him as he cried himself to sleep. He wondered what Robert would think about the sleeping arrangements tonight. The previous night he had slept on the chaise while Runt had taken the bed. Even though they were in a barn, with Davy snoring just a couple of feet away, Marcus rather liked the intimacy he was sharing with the young dragon. As Runt rubbed up against him in his sleep, Marcus found he liked it just a little too much. He tried to move Runt away, onto the straw beside him, but the youth – no, man, he corrected – clung to him like a limpet. In the end he gave up and closed his eyes, willing himself to sleep.

His last thought, before he finally succumbed to slumber, was to wonder why he hadn’t taken the trouble to ask Robert what it was like to be intimate with another man. In the back of his mind, where he barely acknowledged the thought, he suspected he might discover the truth for himself one day soon.

He had seen the affection in Runt’s gaze whenever their eyes had met that day. Robert was right, as usual.

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