Tempestuous Tides


Good news for those who enjoyed the first book in my Mermen & Magic series.  The contract has today been finalised for book two in the series, Tempestuous Tides.

This one is a m/m story, rather than a menage and is about two entirely new mermen, Justin and Lucas.  Here is the unfinalised blurb.

Tempestuous Tides
Mermen & Magic #2

Justin is a merman who has been raised on land. He hates his fins and wants nothing to do with his heritage.

Lucas is an ambitious merman who has lived his whole life in Atlantis. He has spent his adulthood hiding his sexuality because homosexual relationships are forbidden in the underwater city. Now he has been sent on a mission by King Nereus to locate his oldest son and return him to Atlantis to take his place as the heir to the throne.

Although his mission seems impossible, Lucas finds help from the Atlantean Goddess of Love, little knowing she has her own reasons for bringing Lucas and Justin together.

Justin is no stranger to immortals, having been raised by two of them, but he has no idea of the consequences of angering the Goddess of Love. When he insults her, she curses him to find love only to lose it forever shortly after. As the love ‘em and leave ‘em type Justin isn’t overly concerned, at least until Lucas enters his life and he sees how the curse will end.

Together they could have the greatest love of their lives, but only if they can appease the furious goddess before their time runs out.


Tempestuous Tides will be coming this summer from Totally Bound and has tentative release dates as follows.

Pre-order: 17 July 2015
Early Download: 31 July 2015
General Release: 28 August 2015


Look out later this week for the cover art for Tempestuous Tides.  I have seen the artwork but am just waiting on confirmation that it is the final version before I share it.  Providing it is, I’ll be posting it later this week.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to share it with you… but sorry, I do have to wait a little longer.  🙂

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