Monthly Recap & Goals for May

The fact that this post is being done late pretty much sums up the disaster that April turned into when it came down to my goals for the month.

So, here are my results.

1. Camp NaNo – Well, this was a success.  I managed to write Destiny & Dragons, the first draft anyway, which came in at just over 25,000 words.  Therefore, technically I did complete my NaNo project.  I just totally forgot to validate it on the site!

2. Flash fiction – didn’t happen at all.

3. The Sunday Snog or Paranormal Wednesday Hop – ditto.  Not really any excuse on that one since they are very quick to set up.

4. 10,000 words on Dangerous Waves.  Not even a single word on that project.

5. And not only did I not get any themed blog posts done, I didn’t even manage regular updates on Camp NaNo, though that is more due to the fact that I wrote my story very quickly over a short period of time and it didn’t take me all month.

Other than the Destiny & Dragons story, I did also manage to get 19,000 words down on To Change the Stars (tentative title), a sequel to my novella To See the Sky.

The first half of the month was really productive, then it went to pot.  My only excuse is some massive upheavals offline that are not related to my writing as well as the closure of one of my publishers, resulting in Touch of a Ghost being orphaned once again.

May is going to be equally chaotic offline but will hopefully be settling down as the month progresses.  So, with that in mind, what do I say about my goals for the month this time, especially after such a dismal failure to achieve most of my targets this last month?

1.  5,000 words on Dangerous Waves.  Doesn’t seem quite as intimidating as 10,000 and if I get back to it, I suspect it will probably be more.

2. Continue writing To Change the Stars.  I would like to add another 6,000 words to this one, or even better, finish it off while the story is in my head.

3. Get Touch of a Ghost into the system with a new publisher.  Although this one is dependent on getting everything, including the artwork from Breathless Press, I don’t see it taking longer than a month.

4. One flash fiction piece.

5. One Sunday Snog or other hop.  I am already signed up to the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi & Transphobia, so that one should actually already be covered.  I just need to write my post for it.

So, let’s hope that May is a lot more productive than April was.  And here is my advice to myself (and anyone else who needs it) for this month.

Bird Advice 5

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