Potions & Prisons Cover Reveal

For those who haven’t been stalking the Fireborn site and spotted this on the upcoming release page (which I imagine is everyone save for me and staff members there) here is the wonderful cover for Potions & Prisons, my second fairy tale romance.

The artwork is by the same artist who did the cover for Let Down Your Hair and once again Kristen has done a wonderful job of capturing the feel of the story.  Thank you again, Kristen!

This story is a brand new stand alone story set in the same fairy tale kingdom as Let Down Your Hair.

Potions & Prisons

When John the woodcutter realises he is about to lose the love of his life, he seeks out the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest, hoping to buy a love potion to win his lover back. The witch refusing to help is only the start of his problems, for—on the stroke of midnight—the witch’s cottage vanishes from the Enchanted Forest with him in it.

Mathias is the grandson of a wicked witch and, like his mother and grandmother, he is cursed to be trapped in the cottage in a desolate wasteland for the rest of his life. He and the cottage only return to the Enchanted Forest on Midsummer Day each year. The last thing he needs is an unexpected house guest.

Thrown together for a year, the spark between the two men soon ignites into passion, but can John live the rest of his life in a prison and would Mat even ask him to?

Coming in July from Fireborn Publishing
Available for pre-order now.

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