Sunday Snog


It has been way too long since I did one of these.  Thought I would pick a snog from my upcoming release Potions & Prisons, my second male/male fairy tale.

Potions and Prisons - 200x300

With one final crook of his finger John found Mat’s sweet spot and his lover cried out with pleasure as he filled John’s mouth with his seed.

John wanted to swallow it all down. He nearly did before he remembered what Mat wanted. Mat had told him so clearly what he desired and John had every intention of seeing his wish fulfilled. He removed his fingers from Mat’s tight arse and rose to his feet. Mat blinked at him with dazed eyes. John didn’t wait for him to recover, he kissed him on the lips, opening Mat’s mouth his tongue and letting the witch taste himself.

Mat moaned as he thrust his tongue into John’s mouth, licking and sucking at his own seed.

John let Mat control the kiss, sensing his witch needed to be in command of what was happening between them. Mat clung to him as they kissed, his spent cock already hardening between their bellies.

Still appearing a little dazed, Mat pulled out of their kiss and gazed up at him with such trust that John didn’t know quite how to react.

“Take me,” Mat whispered.

* * *

You can pre-order Potions & Prisons here.

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