My Exploration with Windows 10

So, it has been nearly two weeks now since I upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1.  There, thankfully, haven’t been any major disasters.  The slowness I previously reported has thankfully not happened again to the extent that it was and so I have not been forced to either revert back to 8.1 or do a clean install of Windows 10.

There have been a few minor issues which I will detail below for those who are considering taking the plunge.

I did have one minor heart attack when I switched on my laptop to a “critical error” on one occasion.  The critical error was the start menu and cortana not working.  I don’t use the later, but did rather need the former.  Signing in again – as suggested – didn’t work, but a restart of the computer did.  Hopefully this was a one off.

Secondly, and this one took a bit longer to sort out, was the graphics card.  Now, the driver was already updated to a Windows 10 compatible one, but there was a new one that came out a few days ago.  Since I try to update my drivers regularly I went to do the usual upgrade when the GeForce Experience alert appeared to tell me an update was available.  What was normally a few clicks and sorted was a bit of a nightmare.

First it wouldn’t download at all, then it stalled part way through, and when it finally did download it wouldn’t install because it was saying the driver was not compatible with this version of Windows.

After several attempts and a lot of swearing I went to the support forums where I found someone else with the same problem.  I took the advice they had been given and did a manual install rather than via GeForce Experience.  It worked like it should and I am back up to date again.

I haven’t taken to the mail program at all.  Still on the to do list to find a new email client.

I do like the notifications for Windows 10, but it is very hit and miss as to whether they come through.  I get emails from one account but none from the other or Twitter or Facebook.

And my addiction to Wordament is still going strong.  If anyone is playing that and wants to add me as a frenemy then I am StoneCanoe13125 – at least until I can think of a better name than the standard XBox thing that was generated when I set up.

I still haven’t thoroughly tested my other games with Windows 10, though I did load up Sim City for a half hour or so to give it a whirl.  Just been too busy with other stuff to really give the rest of them a good run through.

So, no major problems.

2 responses to “My Exploration with Windows 10

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Windows 10, I enjoy reading those as I am thinking of upgrading too. I have a Windows 7 and a Windows 8.1 computer, but I just want to upgrade one for now. I just can’t decide which one. I’ve really gotten used to Win 8.1 and I am mostly using that one, but I really love Win7 though…

    • I never used Win7 but have been told that changing from that to Win10 is not as huge a change as from Win8.1. Bugs not withstanding (I got that critical error again last night) I think that Win10 is an improvement where they have tried to incorporate the best of the older systems to produce this one.

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