Between Life & Death – New Review

betweenlifeanddeath 200 x 320It has been out for a while now, so I didn’t expect to get any more reviews for the final installment in the Heavenly Sins series.

But it has been reviewed by The Blogger Girls.  The reviewer has mixed feelings about this final part of the story, but does have some nice things to say about it.

“A very worthy read, but one where the guys have nothing come easy for them, and it takes more than a lifetime to resolve, but it is a happily ever after and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.”

I do wonder if, had the story not been quite so long, and published as one long book, rather than a trilogy, whether the reviewer might not have had some of the issues with the book that she did.  Unfortunately when most e-publishers have a limit of 100,000 words on submissions, stories the length of the combined trilogy will never find a home in their true format.  Which meant that the three heroes of this story did spend a lot of time apart before they got their happy ever after.

Full review here.

2 responses to “Between Life & Death – New Review

  1. The word count limit can be a pain. I know of only that has a limit of 200k but most due cap out at 100k-120k. Great series, BTW. ❤ it. ^_^

    • Thanks Lexi. 🙂

      And yes, the cap is a pain, especially when you know that hundreds of books you pick up off a shelf are way longer than the word limits small press publishers enforce.

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