Having Faith


A couple of weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I had a plot bunny running around my head that I wasn’t sure if I was the person to write it. You may be wondering why not, so let me explain.

Firstly, it is a contemporary plot without a hint of fantasy or paranormal. Yes, I have written plain old contemporary before, but it isn’t my preferred genre, especially for longer stories.

Secondly, it is more drama and angst rather than hearts and flowers and romance.

Now, I am wondering if I could be wrong and maybe I should write this story regardless of the above.

I spent some considerable time the last few weeks sorting out my old emails and clearing out the stuff I don’t need.  Things like receipts for payments to ebay from 2006.  Seriously, I have no clue why I kept those.  But amongst the flood of emails I had lingering were the numerous email alerts for reviews of various fanfiction stories.  Not sure why I keep those since they are all available online anyway, but I did.  And I started flicking through them. I should probably have been writing at the time, but I am skilled in the art of procrastination.

Most of them were for my long Remus/Sirius epic which came in at over 400,000 words when it was finally done.

There were emails from people who stayed up all night to finish the story.  People I made laugh and people I made cry.  Students who were reading my story in class, rather than studying, as well as those who neglected their coursework/homework to keep reading.  The ages of the readers varied from school age to retirees.

Not everyone liked it. Some didn’t finish it. Some hated the direction the story went in, and one reader even quit because I had a MC bow to peer pressure and start smoking.

But for that story the good reviews far outnumbered the bad. I have never written a story as popular as that one, not in fan fiction and certainly not in original fiction.

I think that if I ever have a hope of emulating that success I need to try something different to what I am doing at the moment.

I want to write a story that people can’t put down.  A story that readers remember and tell their friends about.  I did it once with a fanfic story, and I have to have faith in myself that I can do it again with an original fiction novel too.

Perhaps this story, angst-ridden and well out of my comfort zone, will be the one that finally makes an impact.

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