Let’s Help Brina Brady

Brina Brady, one of my friends on Facebook, is currently under attack by trolls who have ensured that she cannot post the Amazon.com link to her Rent Me ebook on Facebook.  You can’t use the button on the Amazon page, copy the link, or use any of the various short URLs.

The UK Amazon page (and presumably other sites) work as normal, but as we all know, the US site is the main one, where the most sales are made, and when it is the first book in a series that is targeted it is highly damaging.

Sales on ebooks are in a slump as it is, and this sort of vicious attack doesn’t help at all.

But we can help a fellow author by helping to spread the word and get the site unblocked.  Here are a few things you can do.

Brina Brady’s blog – https://brinabrady.wordpress.com/

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