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I am pleased to announce that my third fairy tale has now been contracted for release with Fireborn Publishing.

This is my first foray into the genre of shifters (though not the last I am sure) and once again I am hoping to turn a few tropes upside down with my dragon shifter.

Strong, sure, powerful, dominant – all words that would be easy to tag onto a dragon shifter.  But not for my fairy tale dragon.

Sweet, adorable, innocent, insecure – these words are much more suitable for my Runt.

As those who follow me on Facebook will know, I have been very reluctant to send my sweet little dragon out into the world. But, I finally did and I truly hope my readers will love Runt as much as I do. I have never wanted to hug any of my characters as much as I do him.

Coming SoonDestiny & Dragons
Fairy Tales for All #3

When Lord Marcus set out on his quest it seemed a simple enough task to accomplish. Slay the dragon and rescue the princess, securing his father’s approval and earning his happy ever after. Only the princess is a witch and the dragon is nowhere to be seen. Instead he finds a young man in far greater need of rescuing and with a very big secret. Marcus’s well planned quest might have taken an unexpected turn, but his happy ending could still be within his grasp, if he can earn the trust of a dragon who has been betrayed and hurt by everyone he has ever known.

Tentative release date: 22 January 2016
From Fireborn Publishing

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