Gearing up for November

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Last November was my first NaNoWriMo failure.  I had too much on with five new and re-releases between October and December and I stumbled around the 16,000 word mark.  I hate that I didn’t complete the story, and that it is still lingering half done on my hard drive.

Since it is nearing the end of September my mind is now turning to the November madness once again.

I am certainly going to be participating in November and have pretty much decided which story I am going to be working on.

As those who follow me may already know, Dangerous Waves my third merman story has been giving me grief this year.  It is finally coming together though and I am still intending to get it all polished and submitted by the end of the year.  With the hope that the fourth story is going to run slightly smoother, I am intending to use November to get the first draft (or at least a fair chunk of it) written ready for me to finish off and polish up next year.

Shifting Currents is Delwyn’s story and since he has been quite chatty during the course of my writing book three, I am hoping he will remain so while I tell his own story.

I know one person at least was hoping I would choose to write Michael and Lucifer’s story in my prequel to the Heavenly Sins series.  The main reason I chose not to do so is because I am not sure that story would be 50,000 words long. Since Camp NaNo in April has a policy where you set your own word count target, I thought I would save it for then, if don’t start it earlier.

Of course, knowing me, when I do get to writing that it will probably be longer than 50k anyway.  After all, the trilogy started off as a short story that didn’t want to end.

I don’t have a title for their story yet, but was toying with Between Love & Duty, to keep the theme, but wondered if it might be confusing for readers since the events in this story pre-date the rest of the series.  I may end up going with something completely different.

I have also got different weeks booked off for my holidays from the evil day job in the summer of 2016, so could potentially be doing a third NaNo project in July for the second Camp NaNo of the year.

In between the three NaNo projects, I am hoping to get some shorter stories written as well as some of my other projects. Here are a few of the things I want to get done:

  • Finish the sequel to To See the Sky.
  • Finish the sequel to My Boyfriend’s an Alien.
  • Write Shifting Currents (November 2015 NaNo).
  • Write Michael and Lucifer’s story (April 2016 NaNo?)
  • Write my elves novella.
  • Write Magic & Mirrors (4th fairy story).
  • Write the untitled contemporary novel which rather defies description right now.  I want to leave this for April 2016 NaNo, but suspect I will write it sooner since this has been talking to me for a while now.

One thing I certainly don’t want to do again is stretch myself as thin as I did at the end of last year.  I need to make sure I don’t try to take on more than I can handle.

This year has not been particularly productive when it has come to my writing and I am truly hoping that next year will be better and I will get back into my routine that faltered last November and never really got back on track.

And if I can get my writing back on track, next task is getting this blog a little more active.  My monthly updates, my themed posts, and flash fiction all went to hell in a hand basket this year.  I am not going to promise that 2016 will be any better, but it can’t really be much worse.  I am hoping my November NaNoWriMo updates on my blog will at least be done this year.

If anyone else is doing NaNo then look me up by my email address lmbrownauthor at gmail dot com.

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