A Good Start


I am scheduling this post to go live while I am at the Evil Day Job tomorrow.  That is so I can devote as much of my spare time during the week to writing as I can.

1667 words a day is the amount you need for a 50,000 word novel in a month.  But I am aiming to finish this story which needs to be a minimum of 70,000 words and I am aiming for between 75,000 and 80,000 instead.

Since I know there will be days when I get no words down at all, my schedule for the month is that I am aiming for 5,000 words on non-working days and 2,000 words on days when I am working.  I do have one week off of work in November as well and will be aiming for extra words on those days as well.

If I were to write and hit my targets every day I would end up with a novel on 30th November that is 102,000 words long, which is obviously way over my target and too long for the publisher as well.

In fact, that extra 22,000 words (if my merman story ends up at 80k) is a novella of its own.

Of course, I may decide on my week off of the work to stick to 2,000 words a day and catch up on my reading.  Let’s see how it goes when I reach that point.

In the meantime, I managed my 5,000 words for day one and here is a short snippet of Delwyn and Fabian’s story.

Isander rose from the bed and picked up his robe. “Come bathe with me?”

Fabian sat up. “You go ahead, I’ll follow in a moment.”

Isander raised an eyebrow.

“You exhausted me,” Fabian added.

Isander chuckled as he wandered from the room.

Delwyn watched him go. The view of his pert backside was as delectable as the rest of him.

“Enjoying the view?” Fabian asked.

Delwyn looked about the room, wondering who might have entered. There was no one there. When he turned to Fabian once more he realised the man was staring right at him.

“Yes, I’m talking to you,” Fabian said with a laugh. “Did you enjoy the show?”

Delwyn squeaked and looked behind him. No, there was really no one there. But what was happening was impossible. Fabian couldn’t be speaking to him.

The moment he realised Fabian was indeed talking to him the shock pulled him right out of his vision, plunging him back into darkness.

Want to catch up on the series while I am writing book four.  Forbidden Waters is where it all began.

forbiddenwaters 200x320Mermen & Magic
Forbidden Waters

Centuries ago the city of Atlantis sank below the waves, lost to the world above forever.  With the help of their gods and the indigenous mer people the Atlanteans survived on the floor of the ocean for many years, until the day they vanished.

Now the sunken city of Atlantis is home to the largest colony of mer people left in the world. Hidden from all by the magical sea dragons they only venture up on land to mate.

Cursed by an Atlantean goddess, the mer people are slowly becoming extinct. Believing they are safe in the sunken city, they have no idea one of their own is inadvertently waking the sleeping gods and the original inhabitants of their city are merely biding their time until they can reclaim their land once more.

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