Facts about Fabian #NaNoWriMo

NaNo-2015-Participant-BannerThe first week of NaNoWriMo is nearly over and I have a 5,000 word target for this wet and windy Saturday.  I also have a party to go to tonight, which means I need to get cracking on my story.

I am a little ahead of schedule though, so I am taking time out to briefly update my blog and share a few fun facts about Fabian, one of the two heroes of Shifting Currents.

  • Fabian is a demi-god, born of the Atlantean Goddess of Sea Creatures and a mortal father.
  • Fabian is cynical and doesn’t believe in soul mates, much to the dismay of his Aunt Medina, Goddess of Love.
  • As a demi-god Fabian has some interesting powers, but he rarely uses them.
  • One of his powers is to speak to and control any creature of the sea.
  • Fabian is an Oracle of the Present, bound to the Goddess of Prophecy.
  • Fabian and Delwyn first meet when Delwyn finds he can communicate with Fabian during his visions of the past. He sees Fabian in his own time, centuries before Delwyn was even born.

And here is a short excerpt of Fabian talking with his mother.

Fabian, as a demi-god, could tell when an immortal pried into his thoughts, even if he could do nothing about it. He tried to put up walls to keep his private thoughts to himself, but he could tell it was too late when his mother let loose a scream of pure rage.

“You want to bed a fish?”

“A merman,” Fabian snapped. “They are wholly human on land, as well you know.”

“You could have any man or woman you want, even immortals would fall into your bed at the snap of your fingers.”

“I’m not going to have this discussion with you.” Fabian turned to leave.

“You will take your place at my side,” Mariana shouted. “It’s only a matter of time.”

“Don’t you understand yet? I don’t want to be at your side. I want to walk my own path. And yes, I want to be with the merman you saw when you intruded in my private thoughts. And take that sour look off your face. You’re the Goddess of Sea Creatures, and in case you’ve forgotten, the mer are creatures of the sea. You should be embracing them instead of looking down on them as you do.”

“If they remembered their place I wouldn’t look down on them.”

“Their place is Atlantis. It was their waters before you and the rest of the gods sank the city beneath the waves. They’ve been nothing but welcoming to the Atlanteans. Why do you hate them so much?”

“I don’t hate them at all, but they need to remember their place. The mer should never presume to share their bodies with a god.”

“I’m only a demi-god, and if I choose to bed a merman, that’s my decision. He would be far more welcome in my bed than most of the gods.”

I hope you have enjoyed meeting Fabian briefly.  Next weekend it will be Delwyn’s turn.

But be sure to come back before then, because tomorrow I am intending to start a giveaway for some of my books.

Until tomorrow… happy reading!

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